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Interview: Chris Lazzaro, “Jersey Shore Massacre has quality acting and clever comedy.”

chris*Let me introduce you Chris Lazzaro. He’s, for lack of better words, entertaining as fuck! His wit and sarcasm are certainly not lost at me! Chris is an actor who’s appeared in everything from “Royal Pains” to “Days of Our Lives.” In just a couple days, Jersey Shore Massacre will be premiering in NYC and, with a DVD release scheduled for the 26th of August, horror-comedy fans will get a chance to check him out in a supporting for themselves. You can read my hilarious interview with Lazzaro below where we discuss his previous acting engagements and his role as Freddy in Jersey Shore Massacre.

H: Can you introduce yourself to the readers? Tell us something interesting about yourself.
C: I am Chris Lazzaro. I’m a 25-year-old with interests ranging from movies to chess. I live and breathe ESPN and “South Park and I want a “Breaking Bad” season 6. I’ve made funny movies and videos since I was a young lad. I hate when I’m at a Deli thinking about what food to order and the guy is staring at me not letting me think. I’ll walk out! I’m a sports fanatic, Mets, Jets and Knicks…the struggle. I was a competitive basketball player my whole life and was even recruited to college to play basketball. I quit after one year when I realized I wanted to perform/entertain people for the rest of my life; though I still play a mean game of basketball-pun intended.

H: You have thorough background in theatre, but most of your acting roles are thugs or hoodlums. Why do you think those roles have found you more than any other?
C: Because I’m gangstah! No, it’s because I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and whether it was hanging out with people like this or seeing it around occasionally, I constantly naturally subconsciously (how cool does that sound?) analyzed their intricacies…so I’m able to replicate their culture when I need to. I have, though, taken on several additional types of roles ranging from athletes to cops to schizophrenics.

DSC_0203H: As a huge fan of “College Humor Originals,” I have to ask you, what was it like working with that series in the past?
C: It’s always fun to shoot College Humor Videos. Every time is a new adventure. One time I shot a prank video as a “fake auditioner” competing with other actors who thought they were coming in for a real audition. I was like a Ben Stiller in Dodgeball type. While the other actors didn’t know they were being filmed in the waiting room, I used tactics such as yelling in their face, amping them up to do bad things such as break a light bulb, etc. to really rile them up and go to extreme lengths in their “audition” to beat me out for the role… Oh, yes, College Humor… College Humor…

H: There’s a film you starred in and produced titled Denounced. What was it like trying to juggle both jobs while filming?
C: Denounced was one of a few projects I’ve had multiple duties on. I also wrote/directed/acted in a T.V pilot I created. Anytime this is the case, it really is tough to “be in the moment” while acting; but it is the greatest satisfaction of all when the project is a success as your sole creative vision is brought to life.

H: Your first foray into horror is Catch of the Day. What can you tell the readers about that journey?
C: Well, actually Jersey Shore Massacre was shot before Catch of the Day, but I’ll tell you this; my character in Catch of the Day was very similar to my character in JSM. Catch of the Day was created by a film production team that I often collaborate with whether it be through producing or acting, Fuzz on the Lens Productions. One thing that’s been always been constant in working with Fuzz on the Lens is that they trust my improv instincts, and they’re amazing at translating my characters purpose into building on the story.


H: How did you get involved with Jersey Shore Massacre? Did you have to audition?
C: I came across Jersey Shore Massacre on Actors Access; any actor’s favorite online tool. After an audition and a callback, Paul Tarnopol, the director, said I, “had him at my laugh” You’ll have to see what I mean when you see the film.

H: What can you tell the readers about your role as Freddy in the movie?
C: Freddy is the guy you’ve wanted to kill your whole life because he’s the obnoxious, cocky, thinks he’s way cooler than he is asshole…But I like to think I added an interesting angle to this character as he’s fun lovin’ too.

H: When you were first reading the script, was there every a time when you thought, “This is hilarious! Will I really have to do that on screen?”
C: I read the script sitting solo at a beautiful outdoor restaurant on 14th and 9th in the meat packing district which is one of my favorite spots to sit back, relax, and take in the finer things in life peacefully. I always was comfortable doing almost anything on screen so I never thought of any of my own parts as “am I going to really do that on screen?”; after all, I’ve danced around in speedos in front of thousands on the beaches in Cancun and the Bahamas many a time. But I do remember reading in the script, the action of a guidette dropping a turd in the middle of the ocean and I thought to myself, this is a microcosm of the kind of movie this is going to be… Yes!

H: Do you have any bizarre, funny, interesting behind-the-scenes stories you could share?
C: How about the time Big Foot from the “Howard Stern Show” was causing a ruckus at one of the hotels we were staying at and removed all the furniture from his room while throwing a tantrum at hotel maintenance? Or the time Giovanni “Romeo” Roselli and I searched every 24 hour gym in New Jersey to get a 4 A.M workout in before a 6 o’clock call time? One of my favorite memories WHILE shooting was when we were shooting the club scene. We guidos and guidettes spent about 10 hours dancing absolutely wild and crazily; over the top to the point of hysteria and sweat you could’ve dipped garlic bread into (beautiful right?)

Generally speaking, the amount of fun John Hastie, Brenton Duplessie, Bret Azar and Giovanni Roselli and myself had behind the camera is endless. We’d put on our guido accents whenever we could to get a good laugh, we’d create ridiculous guido dances, and even sometimes go out to restaurants and grocery stores in character. Think about 5 care-free, party-driven, joke crackin guidos ordering food at your restaurant. How fun must that be? (We *were* respectful of course.)


H: If you were in charge of marketing, which groups of people would you market the film to? Who do you think will get a kick out of it the most?
C: The great thing about Jersey Shore Massacre is that whether you love or hate the “Jersey Shore” show, this movie is for you. If you love “Jersey Shore” and want to see an extension of the show, this movie is for you. If you hate “Jersey Shore” and think the guidos and guidettes partying, fighting, and humping everything that has a pulse is obnoxious and you’ve had fantasies of them being put out of their misery, well then…in this movie, you get your wish (in a hysterical stylish way I might add.) Also, if you want to see pure entertainment, quality acting, and clever comedy, you’ll also want to see this film.

This star studded cast includes the “Howard Stern Show” Disciples Sal “The Stock Broker” Governale and Richard Christie; “Howard Stern Show” Wack Pack members Dominick The Dwarf and Big Foot, porn legends Ron Jeremy and Alexis Ford; WWE’s Giovanni “Romeo” Rosseli, ladies’ man John Michael Hastie, and gorgeous traditional Italian women Danielle Dallaco and Angelica Boccella; produced of course by the one and only illustrious Jenni J-Woww Farley.

*Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Chris Lazzaro. You certainly made me laugh!

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Jersey Shore Massacre is hitting DVD retailers and VOD outlets on August 26, 2014. You can click here to pre-order your copy on Amazon. Also, the world premiere is going to be held on August 19, 2014 in NY. A handful of general admission tickets are still available to the public. Click here to reserve your seat while there’s still time.


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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)