Saudi Filmmaker Gigi Hozimah Facing Fears in New York


They Sleep With Bears is a psychological horror film that tells the chilling tale of Remy – a man who suffers from sleep paralysis and is haunted by array of sinister demons. After the recent death of his mother, he receives a box containing the belongings of his absentee father. He stumbles upon a journal that contains a drawing of one of the demons that is stalking him. In order to uncover the truth, Remy must now find his father and discover why this demon is casting a shadow over his life.

Influenced by Roman Polanski’s Apartment Trilogy (Repulsion, Rosemary’s Baby, The Tenant) and Ingmar Bergman’s Hour of the Wolf, They Sleep With Bears is the first feature film directed by Saudi independent filmmaker Gigi Hozimah.

Born in Makkah, Saudia Arabia, Gigi was always aware that her cinematic vision would find its way to the global stage. Coming from a nation that in its history has produced only one female filmmaker, she decided to leave her traditionalist surroundings to further her studies in the United Kingdom, where she graduated with an MA in Filmmaking from Kingston University.

During her time there Gigi explored all practical and theoretical approaches to filmmaking, having shot several short films that she had both written and directed. An auteur that wants to convey her true vision to audiences, she co-founded her own production company, Look At The Wall Productions. The uniqueness of the project not only lies in its director’s background, but also in its vision to independently redefine the contemporary horror genre.

They Sleep With Bears launched its crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter on September 23rd and ends on Octber 23rd. Filming is scheduled to start in November, with a post-production to wrap up in Spring 2016.

Director – Gigi Hozimah
Co-Writer & Producer – James Medina
Website –
Twitter – @sleepwithbears
Facebook –
10/01/2015 New York City, U.S


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