The World of Frankenstein Gets Louder in MONSTROUS.

Monstrous_PR1Monstrous Mini-Series from Source Point Press
The quiet villages of Frankenstein’s Europe are about to get a whole lot louder…

Source Point Press has announced a brand new monthly 4-issue comic book mini-series, Monstrous, with the first issue hitting stores and Comixology February 17th. A thirty-day Kickstarter campaign has been launched January 1st by Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire to allow readers the chance to preorder all four of the issues.


“Inspired noir wackiness!” – Michael Kupperman, Tales Designed to Thrizzle

You’ve heard the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster before. You know they tried to kill each other. But it didn’t work. Now, Frankenstein has built robots, his monster has built more monsters, and the world will never be the same. Monstrous tells the tales of everyday monsters, robots, and townspeople caught up in the changes sweeping across Europe in the wake of Dr. Frankenstein’s mad science. But even in this twisted landscape, our unconventional heroes—giant rabbit monsters, steam-powered cyborgs, and babysitting bank robbers—all try to live by their own code of honor. So fire up your steampunk rocket-sled and jump onboard!


Monstrous is the freakshow brainchild of writer Greg Wright (Wild Bullets, Last Monster Standing) and artist Ken Lamug (The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, A Box Story). “It’s not like any other comic available today. It takes classic monster characters—like Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and Igor—and gives them a fresh jolt of electricity. This world features steam-powered robots, voodoo magic, and more
blaster fights than you can shake a lightning rod at. Plus, whatever your tastes, there is something in these books to get excited about: jokes, adventures, chills, mysteries, and more!” says Wright.

“Monstrous is what you get when you mix a genuine love for monsters and myth with the unsettling excitement of a fever dream. Greg Wright and Ken Lamug have built a mad and macabre world here, brick by twisted brick, leaving nothing outside the realm of possibility. It’s inventive and fun, as much as it is peculiar in the best way.” – Ryan Ferrier, D4VE and Curb Stomp


The art is gorgeous. The characters are wild. And the lightning-paced stories deliver chills and laughs for monster-lovers from age 9 to 999. Treat yourself to Monstrous today by backing the Kickstarter campaign here.

Official release dates for both stores and digital avenues such as Comixology and Drivethru Comics are as follows:
#1 releases Wednesday Feb. 17th
#2 releases Wednesday March 16th
#3 releases Wednesday April 13th
#4 releases Wednesday May 11th

Visit and for more information!

Source Point Press, based in the Detroit area, is rapidly becoming a leader in publishing alternative fiction in the form of books, comics, and graphic novels. With a large focus on horror, pulp, and sci-fi, Source Point continues to produce quality content with both legends in the industry as well as new artists and writers on the rise. More information can be found at, and

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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