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nullLaugh-at-the-Law Productions & ShockStar Studios to produce motion picture based on North East Ohio Legend.

“Welcome to Cretonville: Legend of the Melonheads” Lake County, OH productions company, Laugh-at-the-Law Productions Ltd. announced that it will go forward with it’s second feature movie. This one will be based on the Melonheads, a local legend about deformed, murderous creatures who inhabit the woods in the Kirtland, OH area.

“We have wanted to do this movie for awhile. Everybody in Lake and surrounding counties have grown up on stories of the Melonheads. We will be taking several versions of the legend and combining them into a TRUE horror movie, with slasher elements.”

Written and Directed by Brian C Lawlor, this is the second feature in a series titled: the Dark Ritual Series.

“Where are first feature ‘Aquarius Rising’, was “Based on Possible Events”; and is an ‘occult-thriller’; Cretonville will be a total horror movie playing on the area’s stories of the legend. What did most high school kids do in Lake county??? Go out to melonhead country for a good scare. Well, we want to show everyone what they were hoping to get a glimpse at; we will not be pulling any punches. We want this to be a movie that needs a warning about weak hearts and stomachs.”

Casting for this movie will be in early April. Shooting should start as soon as the weather gets warm. Principle shooting will be done in Lake County, OH and the cast will consist of mainly local talent. You can find out more as this production develops at

Welcome to Cretonville: Legend of the Melonheads The day has come!!! For four generations North East Ohio has been tormented by the Melonheads. Now Ohio’s creepiest legend comes to life in the newest installment of the Dark Ritual Series!!!

You asked for it, you got it! Our next project is in pre-production. ‘What happens when the Cheerleaders decide to test their courage and go camping in Melonhead Country????’ Booze, Babes and Carnage! We will bring to life North East Ohio’s best known legend. Learn the story of Dr. Crow and how the melonheads came to be the force to terrify 4 generations! Welcome to Cretonville: Legend of the Melonheads, is another installment of the Dark Ritual Series! From the Director of Aquarius Rising; Laugh-at-the-Law Productions & ShockStar Studios.


Written by Mitchell Wells

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