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I believe in Mary Worth

Seventeenth Century Salem Manuscripts Unearthed That Give Insight Into “Bloody Mary” Legend

legendlinkoverFor generations, teenagers have chanted her name – “I believe in Mary Worth….I believe in Mary Worth…” Standing before a mirror with a single candle in hand they thrill to the prospect that the spirit of Mary Worth will reveal herself in the mirror, or better yet, emerge from within.

Westchester, IL (PRWEB) October 10, 2007 — Chicago area based MK4 Productions has completed their production of the feature film, “THE LEGEND OF BLOODY MARY”. The film’s screenplay incorporates the findings of seventeenth century Salem manuscripts detailing the punishment and execution of the sixteen year old Puritan girl, Mary Worth — now popularly known as Bloody Mary.

The film explores the urban legend of summoning the spirit of Bloody Mary by chanting “I Believe in Mary Worth”, while gazing into a mirror by candle light. The centuries old manuscripts detail the treacherous account and unjust treatment of Mary Worth, including her death sentence which was carried out as she was forced to watch her torture in the reflection of a mirror.

The film stars Stephen Macht, Caitlan Wachs, Dean O’Gorman, Paul Preiss, Rachael Taylor, and Nicole Aiken. Produced by Broadway Xanadu producer, Robert Ahrens.

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  1. Mii SiiSt3R Dii3D OF BlOODY MARY FUK CHU' iif YU SAY tHiiS FUK3N SHiit AiiNt R3Al…iiZ AS R3Al AS iit G3tS ….

  2. Being what I am and that is not human I have seen things that would make your skin crawl. She is real and wants revenge. I advise no one else to play what they think is the stupid mirror game

  3. yea. i've watched the bloody mary film.. it's good :) i don't know if she's real but i don't want to try it :))

  4. i belive in her .
    dont fuck around with this shit , you people be saying things ,
    you all are lieing i can tell ,
    but i have done this , still i have never finshed saying the threed i blive in mary worth ,
    and i never well you frist say it you well hear her you second say it you well see her , you say it the thrid time , she well take you with herr . i never can finsh , and i never well get her face out of my head , plz if any of you knwo whats best , dont do this shitt !

  5. my friend ed went missing after playing this he might have run away idk i also share the name mary so in my mind she wont touch me also as i am imortal i have experienced the underworld and it would devour your souls so fast. dont believe the stuff of how she isn't real she is creepy and evil i have cursed people before with her but idk if they are haunted or not. dont try this unless you feel like having a painful slow suicidal death i have advised you im signing off think hard and long stupid people good bye (mari jane)

  6. i believe in mary worth and honestly this is not a game i been doin research to0 figure the truth my cuzin has seen what she has done mii 4 yr old brother was taught how to say it and r lights went off 4 times 4 no reason its scary and yall shouldnt mess with her she is tryin to0 scare u becuz she dont wanna be bothered

  7. hi this is to gals writin it canna be real because my mum did it all wen she was a kid she yous 2 sit on mollylees grave and say mollylee mollylee chase me around the apple tree on halloween at midnight and nothing happened its a bunch of shit dont believe it eres the truth!!

  8. Peoplez This Shit Iz True!

    I Have Tried To Do This But I Will Never Say Her Name The 3rd Time, I Saw Her Face And Ran.

    Itz Scary Shit DONT Fuck With Her!

  9. Iv seen her.Her mom died and she did too. when she was alive her face was ruened they called her bloody face when she died she said she would come back go on google PS.her real name is mary worth do not mess with her.Im already haunted forEVER!im realy telling the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i like the movie the legend of bloody mary but it is not scared me but i read this transcripts about her and believing about summoning her name in the mirror iam am not a coward but i never gonna try to do this sorry for my english iam not speaking english very well

  11. Mary Worth A.K.A Bloody Mary

    1. She's real

    2. Don't screw with her

    3. She will kill you

    4. If you don't listen to me I hope you don't die painfully



  12. well…………… first of all bloody mary isnt real you people make this stuff up unless u seen a demon that looks like her come on people wake up there tryin to make u scared my 17 year old cousin prezont went in the bathroom with a candle many times before midnight lights out and guess wat nothin happend not a scratch or nothin and if it was real why would they make a movie about knowing people would try it thats murder so bloody mary mary worth all that crap iks none realistic unless its a demon whitch i doubt so STOP LYIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to your self P.S ive tried it 2 nothin happened

  13. this is how to do bloody mary

    go in the bathroom at mid night and light a candle

    say her name 13 times

    while spining around each time look at the mirror


    she will slit ur wrist n throte n she will take a fork n rip out ur eyes and she will take u in the mirror bring u back to life n make ur life like hell so dont do it

  14. mary worth poor soul she is locked in a mirror all alone too many people have insulted her very name wether she is witch or a demon or even a hurting soul she won't tolarate people teasing her i have been told the story many of times that she is the devil she is evil she is only evil if people fore her to be leave the poor lass alone she has done nothing wrong to you all but if you want to get hurt by things you couldn't possibly understand then be my guest!!!!!

  15. cool but legend of mary worth is better this is just a whole bunch of nothing i dont even stay things about mary worth

  16. Here is another way to play:

    Basically do the same thing only without the candle and close the door so that a small sliver of light is visible and illuminates the mirror so you can barely see the outline of your head. Stare at the mirror and chant "Mary Worth, Mary Worth show your face twentyfive times." Over and Over. Eventually her face will appear.

    • this version i dont believe in. i believe in her snd the legend, but this version just sounds like u getting freaked out by the outline of urself that u imagine her.

  17. Bloody mary is fake she is not true she will never come out of the mirror when i said her name wrote my name on the mirror with blood it never worked so i say she is real but she never did anything to harm me i love playing the game

  18. ……..ALL OF YOU WERE MORONS……satan cannot beat JESUS CHRIST_even now and forever!……HE'S the only GOD here in earth and even in heaven….HE is the savior, healer, redeemer……and above all the….GOD OF ALL GODS……THE KING OF ALL KINGS!

  19. well im not sure if shes realy i heard i few things

    1. if you say i killed your baby sheel kill

    2.if you do it at midnihgt youll be able to talk with a decessebd relitive or friend

    3.shes real dont fuck with her

    im lucky i did bloody mary but nothing happend untill the next morning i was vometing i was really sick but i could of just got the flew from my bros friend house

  20. well poor mary worth was just a girl who disappeared in history of witch trails she was very real she was executed for adultry and witch craft they cut her up before they took her b ack to the cottage thats when she put the curse on the village swearing revenge in a mirrior the witch craft was fault when mary died infront of that mirror with her unborn child the child of the baby took upon him to kill most of thevillagers so mary will not appear for revenge.since then mary has been requested from her slumber in the mirror from many girls and she seeks revenge so the girls are whom she has to take it out on mary worth was a gentle soul but yet disappeared in the history of times she shouldnt be mistaken for virgin elizabeth or the queen of blood so do as you please just stop disturbing the mary worth or you shall set her free the one in the mirror is full of hate for those who exicuted her and when you summon her you became one of the many villagers who died for her cause of death and vengance i have a great aunt who was empathy in the salemm witch trails i believe in this all

  21. for give any spellings errors thank u any way i have no dought that bloody marry is real and i im very interested in the supernatural but to be on est I've never seen her but i could have nun it wrong but if she is or was a witch don't mess with her with out the aid of god or a or some one like me who was saved from god when i was shook and dropped on my head and Died and i was give a holy gift even i don't dear summon her with out gods help so if u have not tried it don't for your safety and your sols sake i f i summon her i will save her sol end the summons once and for all don't mes with demonic forces trust me i now what the devil can do.PS Demons are quite real

  22. i for got to say if any one find the real way to summon her let me now i can me found on Skyp my skyp name is brandon zumwalt or ia.clan-comander-zumwalt Ty and haved a good day

  23. I believe that bloody mary is real too because my cousin whitney actually did it 4 times in the bathroom and we saw some really scary ass stuff the first time we did it i was holding the camera and my cousin was sayin bloody mary about 3 times i looked at the mirror then back at my cousin i saw a girl with a hella scary face dropped the camera and ran like hell i told her that i would never do it again but if i did do it again with her i would stand hella away from her and that mirror the other three times we did it we saw stuff on the walls and sometimes like a face on the wall and other time it was a figure in the mirror

  24. this storyis so fucked up that i dont know whichone to chant to see her so if u know which one then send it to me!!!!!

  25. If I do the urban legend and Mary Worth comes for me will she be like the movie Mary Worth or will she be completely different? I was just wondering if she would make those random noises and grunts then the growling or will she just appear?

  26. i believe that all of you guys are sooo freaking retarded to believe in this sht its not true it may of been along time ago but she was set free and now its retarded

  27. Over the past week, my friends and I have been using the “Bloody Mary” chant. After taking numerous photos, images of dismembered people, screaming girls and blood-covered babies have appeared. I advise you not to mess with something you do not understand. Be safe…


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