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The Gateway Meat

Gore, Gore and MORE GORE

The Gateway Meat

Once again, Ron has delighted us with another and the final episode of the Brightside Trilogy. This time it’s The Gateway Meat. To give you a little background on Ron and For the Better of Mankind Productions, check out this link here…The White Lie.

The Gateway meat is a little story about a satanic family that is just living their lives, day to day after the fall of their great hero, George W Bush. Living in the small sea side community, little is know about the family other than the look normal on the outside, but of course they are much more complex in private. Dealing with a family lose, the couple (Ron and wife) and their lovely daughter (played by Ron’s real daughter) decide to move back into the fathers house and carry on the family tradition of mutilation, torture, heavy drinking, pillaging and of course raping… everyone they seem to come into contact with.

If you have never seen the other too movies, then you really might not seem to understand who and what is really going on in this one. Like I said, it is the last of the bunch, so those of you that are fans, will love the end. Those of you that are checking out this flick for the first time, then hold on!!! You will get what’s going on if you have never seen the others, if your stomach can handle it!

Yes, that’s right folks!! GORE!

If anyone can dish out the gore with as much realism and quantity as Ron can, then let me shake their hand! This one is a great film for us underground horror and gore fans like myself and a few twisted others.

One thing I have noticed about Gateway is the way it was shot and the real quality of the movie. Everything looked great as far as the “on screen” aspects. It looks like Ron is shooting with a new camera, better sound equipment, and a more overall professional touch this time around. The movie looks great, with great color and the shots looks like he has learned a thing or two making this one. Everything is top notch, good job bro!

Now on to the movie itself. What can I say? I’m a huge fan of extreme horror and the underground horror that seems to be picking up speed with the help of Hollywood freaks like Roth. Unlike Roth and even Miike, Ron and the crew have put together something that is pulled of very well. Let me tell you this, some of the shots are almost hard to watch, even for a vet of the sick shit like myself. With the help of the LaBonte Brothers (Toe Tag) he and the crew have made some sick people very happy with the gore. Everything is done well with his one too as far as acting, plot, character choices, and the general feel and movement to the film. You do get a real sense of what the family is like and why they are the way they are. Nothing says a family get together like “finger painting with blood”. Yes there are a few scenes where the daughter is partaking in the family get togethers, and she does seem to be right at home. Now I know for a fact that Ron never subjected his daughter to anything vile or disgusting during the filming of the movie, but…. it does make you think…..what the fuck! HAHA.

Now I can’t really say too much about this one and what happens in the movie. All I can say is that a lot of questions have been answered with this movie and a lot more have been asked as well. It really gives you a sense of what Ron is trying to say and do. He is a man with a lot on his mind, and has been through some rough times in his life lately, and it definitely shows through his filmmaking. He takes what is in his heart and soul, and portrays it on the big screen to shock and disgust you. Along with getting you to think of everything that is going on in this world. The movie in one sense is a real political wake up call. But also it’s a real “what you see is not always what you get” type of film as well. Not everything is always as good on the inside as what you see on the outside. Ron takes what he holds in his mind and effortlessly displays that to us. It may have taken well over a year for this to get out to us, but it is worth every second. True independent art like The Gateway Meat takes its time, and can take a toll on the filmmaker, but it is something that needs to be said and shown.

I’m sure some people will never be ready for this type of horror and that is all good. I’m not sure if anyone should be ready for this shit, but for those of us that are and have been, then The Gateway Meat is a fitting choice. I’m sure that Ron will get some flack for some of the scenes, “Duct Tape Boy”, “Bathtub Fun”, “Finger Painting” and a few others.

Its filmmaking though, relax its fake!

The Gateway Meat is a fitting end to the Brightside trilogy and it’s a masterpiece of underground horror!!

Check out some more about Ron DeCaro and For the Better of Mankind Productions here

Written by AngryPrincess


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  1. Well I dont normally let hateful comments in like this, but I had to for this one.

    You may think his movie sucks, but that is no way a reflection upon him.

    Dont get that confused.

    Unless you can tell me he did something to you personally, I doubt you have any meaning behind the comment, other than his movie sucked to you.

  2. As far as independent gore flicks go,this is beyond doubt the cruelest,creepyest,freakyfest,yummiest,laughfest Ive seen in ages! I am so inspired Im gonna spend 3000 bucks on a better camera than the filmaker of this movie and shoot my own horror fest (cept Im doin in it the west)and hopefully Ill get my girlfreind to be my co-star! Hopefully I can get some religious freaks to come over when Im shootin my movie too!

  3. I am Duct Tape Boy and wrote my torture/death scene and am happy to report I have never received any flack (except for when I showed the film to an elementary school and when I played it at a mental institution, where it led to several deaths and other misfortunes).

  4. As for Ron's daughter she was never on set when anything 'adult' was being filmed and she had a fun time. Watch how it was edited- the adult sequences were filmed without her being present, and she was never subjected to anything traumatic, and her mother was present. The film is more fucked up if you don't know that but I need to set the record straight. We have more films coming so watch out!

  5. I usually like low budget splatter fests but this movie was terrible and pretty boring too. Also, there’s nothing hard to watch or disturbing for anyone who’s seen at least one of these types of films before.

    Don’t believe the over-hype of the reviewer.

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