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Red Victoria

Red Victoria
88 Minutes
Release date 2/10/09

Jim is having a hell of a time trying to sell his screenplays. So his agent calls him up and forces him against his wishes to write a horror script. After seriously struggling for ideas he invites his friend Carl over to help him out. Carl is a die hard horror fan who is trying to give him some tips but has no experience or desire to write. So after seriously struggling for ideas his undead muse Victoria shows up.

Victoria reminded me of a goth Shelly Long from Cheers only she was dead. She refuses to leave until he gets crackin on that horror script. Jim can’t handle Victoria’s ways of working since she is killing off his family and friends as examples. Slowly Jim and Victoria start to grow on each other, well slightly anyway. Sometime’s Victoria is seen as how she looked before she died and at others you see now as a member of the undead.

When Victoria first shows up it’s totally gooey and gory. Jim is tired and goes to his bedroom to lay down, only there is the outline of a body underneath the comforter. When he quickly pulls it back he sees the dead rotting corpse of his muse. She stands up and her insides fall out, it was freakin awesome! Parts of it also had me busting out laughing and I thought this was a great combo of horror and comedy, it balanced out well.

Red Victoria was wickedly funny and had me sitting full tilt to find out what was going to occur next! Jim’s dead editor/ muse has many tricks up her twisted sleeve to entertain you with. When the movie starts Jim just doesn’t find anything to be scary enough to startle him, even his friend hiding and busting out of closets. In the end will Jim finally know what it’s like to be scared?

Written by AngryPrincess

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