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The Bed

An agitated man roams the streets peering into shop windows desperately looking for a reasonably priced bed, and is having no such luck. After aimlessly wandering around he comes across an old second hand store owned by a gray haired old man who is sucking on his pipe. The old man asks what the man is looking for and after finding out tells him has just the thing for him. Taking him to the back he shows him this little single bed with a wooden frame saying it would be good for a perfect nights sleep. When the bed is delivered the man is more than ready to try it out.

As he quickly assemble’s the bed he cuts his finger and it runs down the bed’s wooden frame. Almost as soon as his head hits the pillow he has fallen asleep, I guess the weird old man wasn’t so bad after all. Or was he? The man starts having these terrible realistic nightmares that are scaring the lights out of him. Each time he wakes up he falls right back asleep and into another terrifying gripping nightmare. Could this bed be giving him bad dreams? All he wanted was to catch a few z’s and instead he winds up in a battle for his life.

Written by AngryPrincess