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New Czech Horror Seance

Young Czech film director craves for presenting his horror movie debut in the USA

Czech Republic, 22nd February  2009 – Exactly a week ago the clapperboard of the new Czech horror movie the Séance, flapped for its last time. Movie narrates a story of three people, who are trying to find fortune of deceased baroness through the spiritualistic séance. But things will go a bit differently, than they planned…

The cast consists of famous Czech actors like Klara Jandova, Zdenek Julina or Pavel Novy for whom it is in fact first movie role after two years of serious ilness.

Film shooting at the 16th century palace lasted for ten days and was accompanied by a series of mysterious accidents. Director hired a consultant on magic and magical language, so every word of it you hear in the movie is by the book. That´s why everyone in the crew was alarmed, when lighting fell or some of the props collapsed all by itself during the ritual incantations.

Director Robin Kasparik himself is satisfied with the process of film shooting:”I succeeded in putting together a team of really wonderful people. They were as passionate about the Séance as I was. I really appreciate all the patience and enthusiasm they put into making this movie. The work atmosphere was great.”

The author of Séance, Robin Kasparik, is currently attending the Film Director Studies. He was interested in the horror movies since his childhood. His model directors are John Carpenter and Wes Craven, whom he desires to meet one day. He wants to continue his work in the horror genre field, movie Séance with hints of supernatural matters and black magic was just another step forward to his dream – job of a professional film director. “My dream is to present Séance at this year’s US horror film festivals. There are not many film makers in the Czech Republic, who focus on horror genre, so I´m very excited by the opportunity to meet authors that are interested in the same genre as I am,” said Kasparik.

Robin Kasparik, director of the Séance movie
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