An eccentric family lives in a humongous beautiful castle where there are valuables and treasures nestled all over the place. Daughter Naomi is a weird one and this is because the poor girl isn’t allowed to do anything. If she is caught with trivial things like a cell  phone or an ipod she is taken down to the dungeon and tortured for it.

One day the cook takes one of the sheep from their farm and cooks it up for dinner and Peter the older half brother takes it very badly and spends the whole dinner sobbing hysterically at the table until Naomi gives him a stuffed animal. The Dad Carver couldn’t wait to tell Peter that it was their sheep since he has a very mean streak running thru him.     

Well the cooped up Naomi is estacic when three Hollywood people come to the door just about begging to use their castle for a movie. Carver just about tells them to screw off and that’s the end of it! Well Naomi who craves attention talks her mom into it and then all hell breaks loose. Dinner is crazy and then it turns out these movie producers aren’t there for a film shoot at all.

I guess these fools wish they would of known about the Skullheads that guard the castle and this freaky family. Of course these cool little guys are what make the movie, I really wish there was more scenes with them in it. It was funny how the one was peeking around the corner smoking a joint. Skullheads is your typical Charles Band movie so you won’t be disappointed.

Written by AngryPrincess

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