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Gingerdead Man Review

Now I did not expect this movie to be any good, and that is exactly what I got, a bad movie with one hell of a villain. Actually, this movie is more of a comedy than an actual horror. Gingerdead Man is about a killer whose soul gets somehow trapped in a batch of “magical” gingerbread dough. This ultimately spawns a homicidal, foul-mouthed and sadistic gingerbread cookie. It’s just as bad as it sounds. There was horrible acting and a curious plot. However, there is one good thing about this movie and that is it’s great surrealistic tone and coring. Other than that, there aren’t that many things good about it.

So lets kick off, shall we? The acting was atrocious and really bad. There were times where the acting was so over the top, that it wasn’t even funny. One of the only good actors, and he wasn’t all that good, was Jonathan Chase who actually was creepy near the end, though they killed him off way to quickly. As for Gary Busey, well, he was in the movie for a whopping 10 minutes.

The plot itself was very bad because it never fully explains anything, nor does it explain where the batter came from and it was never really confirmed that it was Millard as the Gingerbread cookie. The story took place in a closed bakery with glass walls and the main characters where panicking because they were trapped and they needed to find a way out, rather than breaking the windows or using the keys to unlock the door, since they work there. Plus, they were getting worried because the police won’t come when one of the character literally ran out the door to look for her dad, who died, and rather than running to the police, she ran back inside. Also, Cedar’s character was stupid enough to run into the wall as the gingerbread man ran into him, thereby becoming a victim of his own stupidity.

There were no scares in this film; even some of the gore and killings were laughable. But wait; there were only 2 dead people. Although watching a talking homicidal gingerbread man lopping off fingers, shredding people’s faces or shooting somebody is actually entertaining and funny. The only scary part was when Jonathan Chase’s character becomes the essence of the Gingerdead Man, and even that was pretty hysterical. 

However, the was one big aspect of the movie that I did enjoy and that was it’s surrealistic atmosphere that had comic book style scenes. There was excellent red and green lighting that coincided with the theme of gingerbread and a bakery shop. There were great references to the ingredients of gingerbread cookies that were demonstrated through the lighting and special effects such as sparkles (sprinkles), yellow and some blue lighting (the frosting) and gumdrops. 

Overall, this movie was about as scary as your average Disney fairy tale; it even had its “Disney Magic.” The acting was insanely stupefied as well as the plot, mainly because it didn’t make sense. The movie was if somebody turned the Gingerbread Man from Shrek into an angry, belligerent killer.

Mitchell Wells

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