The Witch of Hainted Holler

The Witch of Hainted Holler – Author Gori Suture 18+

Hardcover ISBN- 978-0-615-25507-1
 Softcover ISBN- 978-1-449-54094-4

Endora’s family is forced to move into an old falling apart rut that has a horrifying past that will soon integrate within her future. She meets Jasper whose family has now taken over her old house and falls in love and lust. They can’t get enough of each other and explore each others bodies with heated intensity. As her family scrapes to just get by, more salt is added to their wounds when a malevolent entity starts to torture Endora by raping and assaulting her on a nightly basis. She winds up pregnant and things just get crazier as it goes.

I really loved this story I read it in two days and would of probably finished it within one but I was totally swamped with work! Gori Suture is the Queen of the Macabre!

Written by AngryPrincess