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Troma Picks Up Udlers Doc

So we just got the word that Troma has recently included Cory Udler’s Documentary ““I Made My Own Damn Movie (and lived to tell about it)” as part of the box set DVD “Produce Your Own Damn Movie” in March. Congrats to Cory for this! You see you can make your own movie, so get out there and go make something good!!

Check out a little from an article from Reel Chicago, and more about Cory and “Incest Death Squad” below…

Madison filmmaker Cory J. Udler celebrates fellow DIY horror filmmakers in his documentary, “I Made My Own Damn Movie (and lived to tell about it).”

After making the 2009 feature, “Incest Death Squad,” Udler says, “I wasn’t willing to sit on it forever waiting for a distribution deal that may or may ever happen, so I went at it myself.”

Troma Films releases on DVD in March as part of its “Produce Your Own Damn Movie” box set.

“Once everything was in place, I started to hit horror conventions, set up screenings, and the one thing that so many people asked me was ‘how did you do it?’

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Incest Death Squad is a 2009 film by writer/director Cory J Udler.  It stars Tom Lodewyck (The Legend Trip), Carmela Wiese, Greg Johnson and Melissa Murphy (Horrid).

Incest Death Squad is the story of Jeb and Amber Wayne, and incestuous brother and sister who kill tourists in the name of God.The film also stars Lloyd Kaufman, president and CEO of Troma Entertainment, Elske McCain (Jessica Rabid), Scarlet Salem, George Kosana (Night of the Living Dead) and 80’s hair metal giants Britny Fox.

Shot entirely on location in Wisconsin (Baraboo, Evansville, Madison) Incest Death Squad is ready to unleash it’s own special brand of filth on grindhouse movie fans around the world!

The film is now available on DVD!!!  Click on BUY SHIT to get your copy now!  $12 bones with shipping included!  All are signed by Cory J Udler (director/writer), if you want anything special signed, just let us know in your order!

Written by Mitchell Wells

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