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Why Am I in a Box?

In the film Why Am I in a Box Rachel Grubb plays Ellen Famsby who lives in an apartment with her boyfriend James and they are both writers. Ellen hasn’t written anything for a long time but James stays home all day trying to advance with his story but he seems to be having a serious case of writers block that won’t go away. His concentration is completely lost.

One day Ellen leaves work and the next thing you know she is in the hands of a wacky woman named Paige who has always wanted to write a great novel but has never been able to achieve her goal. She chains Ellen up in a completely painted white room with a typewriter and feeds her only ramen noodles when she is hungry.   

Paige wants Ellen to write an unforgettable masterpiece that will put her name on the map and if she doesn’t- she’s dead.. So she’s holed up in the room not feeling too inspirational but forcing herself to write so this psychotic woman will let her go, well that’s what she promises her anyway. Paige reads the budding story and hates it telling her she better shape up and get it right.  

Will Ellen be able to get it right or will she succumb to Paige’s punishment? Her boyfriend finally goes to the police and they put their heads together trying to figure out what could of happened to her. He doesn’t understand how she could leave him without a word, not knowing that she being held. Paige sends them a clue to decipher in order to find her- but will they get there in time?

Written by AngryPrincess