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Stiff Jobs

I wanted to see Stiff Jobs because I was a fan of Hack Movies’ Cockhammer and I thought that was a brilliant homage to Troma Entertainment and John Waters, however Stiff Jobs was not nearly as brilliant as Cockhammer but rather an average film. The film is about 2 hitmen who are hired by an unknown man to kill a sea captain, who apparently possesses something very important. While on their adventure they begin to reflect on their lives, their thoughts on sex, their job and other random topics that come to their minds. It’s a very simple story that is pretty much a prequel to Cockhammer, but I won’t spoil anything. If you’re a fan of Cockhammer, you need to see this movie. 

Again, something that you’ll notice right off the bat is the dialogue. In these movies, the dialogue is probably the only entertaining part of the movie. It’s instantly quotable in terms of stupidity, hilarity and randomness. It takes a very special kind of person to write such witty and perverted dialogue and I think Kevin Strange is that kind of person. A great example of this would be: “It would cheer you guys up faster than a pair of underage twins, drunk on liquor, eager to share a cock-to-mouth experience.” That’s just half of it. 

I will say this is not a horror movie by any means, sure the ending had zombies but the rest of the film is more or less a comedy drama. Some of the scenes are very… stupid like one scene where a girl is jerking somebody off before they die and he craps his pants and rubs his shit all over the girl’s chest. It doesn’t make sense and all I does is add to the gross-out factor. There is a lot of violence, rape and sex, which is good to some degree but it can be a little over exaggerated. 

The characters are lovable and in a movie like this, it’s a big deal because they make up most of the story. The movie is a little stale and hollow but the characters are so funny and smart at times that I began to like them. The main hit man is the younger, loose cannon character and he is a sex hound. His partner is the old, wise one but he is also very perverted. 

Unlike Cockhammer, this film isn’t that gory but it is very violent. I think this movie is missing the charm that Cockhammer had and it’s trying to use the same humor and raunchiness that Cockhammer perfected. Now, to look at the film as a separate entity, it’s entertaining and enjoyable but it can get ridiculous and little stupid at times. I’m not saying that I hated it but I’m also not saying that I loved it, it was an okay average film that could use some working on. I wish the movie was a little more linear with its flashbacks and conversation, but then again, who has a linear conversation? I also think that the sex and perverted dialogue could get tuned down a little. It made me laugh a lot of times and it held my attention and for that… I guess it succeeded.

Written by FreddysFingers