Colour from the Dark (2008)

colourfromthedarkCOLOUR FROM THE DARK is an adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s COLOUR OUT OF SPACE from Ivan Zuccon, who has previously directed such features as NYMPHA and BAD BRAINS. COLOUR FROM THE DARK stars Michael Segal and Debbie Rochon as Italian farmers, Pietro and Lucia, living a simple life during Second World War. They have a mentally challenged daughter, Alice, played by Maryssa Kay. Their life is simple until Pietro and Alice release some unknown and unseen force from the well while trying to remove a pail that was dropped into it. This unknown force, at first, seems like a blessing from God as the garden grows big vegetables, Pietro’s lame leg gets better, and Alice speaks for the first time in her life. However, the blessing quickly becomes a curse and all hell breaks loose for this simple family.

Ivan Zuccon did a fantastic job melding two different genres in this story as the unknown force is not a religious one but the effects it has on its victim appear demonic in origin. It seems as though this unknown force is aware of the importance of religion to its victims.

The cast performs beautifully even though only Michael Segal has an appropriate accent. I found Marysa’s performance as Alice to be innocent but incredibly chilling. Michael Segal hits the mark in every scene and is quite believable in his role. The best performance is delivered by Debbie Rochon. She is emotionally intense and unbelievably scary as her character descends into madness and evil as the unknown force takes over her body and her mind.

The production quality of this low-budget independent film is so good it rivals that of many studio pictures. The film is atmospherically creepy and scary. The cinematography is well executed and the film is edited into a tight 90 minute production. The story starts slowly but it moves nicely to set up the story and before you know it, the story is over and the ride has been horrifying. There are some great blood-gore effects that work well. All in all, there is very little I did not like about this film.

The DVD extras include photo galleries and a short video about a ghost, Trevor, that seemed to appear throughout the production.

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Written by Andrew Rose

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