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Spike (2009) Review

Spike was a very interesting film. At first glance I thought that this movie would be about a killer dog or something similar to that of Cujo, however, as the movie progressed I realized that it wasn’t what I expected. Not in the least bit. The film is about a man who discovers a body while walking his dog Spike. Spike uncovers the body and the man, later on in the day, takes the body home and stores it in his shed. Then, in a bizarre turn in character he begins to converse with the dead body, even to go as far as playing games with the dead body. This was a solid film with great acting but there were a few things that could have been tweaked. 

First off, you’ll notice that this film is almost like silent picture with sound. There is barely any talking until the end scenes and even then it didn’t need to have talking. But, the performances by the lead actor were amazing. Given his role, he really made me care for the character and through the performance you begin to understand his plight. Here is a man who probably doesn’t care for his family that much, or at least doesn’t care about his wife that much because they don’t understand him. So, in effort to cope with his feelings he befriends the dead body. It’s a beautiful chemistry that is laced with dark humor. 

Since it does go in this direction, I don’t think I could call this movie a horror film per say, but rather a drama. Not until the very end scene do we get some horror into the mix. The story is solid and it reminds me a little of Love Object or even May, tales of misunderstood people who find a way to cope with their feelings. However, there is a scene were the actor is hauling the dead body (in a garbage bag) through a park into his car. I found it a little hard to believe that nobody caught on to what was happening. Also, I wouldn’t call the movie Spike because it makes the audience think that it is about the dog… even though the dog was only in it for a few minutes. Who knows, I might be missing something. 

Overall, give this movie a shot but just don’t expect a real horror movie… expect a really good drama with raw performances. Aside from a few minor problems, this movie isn’t bad at all. I would recommend it and give it a try, I thought I would be bored with it but I was really captivated by it’s eccentric story. Though it wasn’t what I thought it was, I’m glad that it wasn’t and it was a fresh new look at something that has been tampered with in so many other films.

Written by FreddysFingers

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