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Doorway Unto Darkness Released

Owen Keehnen presents His “Doorway Unto Darkness”.  By Brian Kirst

I have a feeling screaming, “Mel, kiss my grits!” like some horror bound Flo won’t do you any good when reading Owen Keehnen’s scintillating “Doorway Unto Darkness”. For here, in his first full length horror novel, Keehnen creates a character named Mel whom is more interested in causing blood curdling screams and deadly mayhem than frying up some crispy hash browns.

With juicy chunks of prose and a needle sharp eye for tension, Keehnen (the co-founder of horror film website, ) displays a true love for terror in “Doorway Unto Darkness” and one need only knock over to to order up a skin peeling copy of their very own.

Written by BrianK

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