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Comic Vault Need Mummies!

Comic Vault Needs Mummies on Saturday, May 29th! By Brian Kirst

Ever wanted to hurt the staff of your local comic store? Well, here’s your chance! For their Eisner Award competition for the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, the ghoul loving Comic Vault folks are shooting their video portion of their presentation this Saturday, from 12:30 PM until 3 PM, and they need some Boris Karloff worshipping, Brendon Fraser imitating folks to appear as attack mode mummies.

Make-up, snacks and drinks will be provided. You just need to get your monster wanna-be selves to The Comic Vault at 1530 W. Montrose, Chicago, IL 60613 this Saturday afternoon.

Further questions about the filming can be answered at 773-728-2001 or at

Written by BrianK