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Autumn Review

By Sharon Foss

Beautiful autumn colors lull you into serene surroundings as Autumn begins. The beautiful red leaves fall as the movie opens, but don’t let the gorgeous landscape fool you. Something has happened during the season of bright colors and festive beginnings. Autumn has brought a nasty virus to the world that picked off almost everybody, leaving very few survivors. Before long, the amount of dead far surpasses the living.

Renegade Motion Pictures presents Autumn, based on a series of books by David Moody, which tells the tale about a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a virus. It is directed by  “” Steven Rumbelow, who also wrote the screenplay and stars Dexter Fletcher (Kick-Ass, Band of Brothers, “” Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Dickon Tolson (Casualty, The Bill).

Before long, those who were not affected by the virus are surrounded by the formerly dead people who are now awake and walking…walking into doors, into walls…not seeming to truly notice the living around them. Harmless, if you will. Like puppies.

To be on the safe side however, the survivors split up and a small group takes refuge at a farm, where they can reestablish electricity and try to figure out what to do. Of course, the “walkers”, as they are called by the survivors, soon begin to wander onto the farm, but again still seem harmless.

Days meld into each other, with the survivors holding onto hope for a world they once knew. What day is it now? What would you normally be doing on a Wednesday (if you weren’t hiding from zombies of course)? These discussions take place as each day passes.

Soon the “walkers” are no longer harmless kitty cats wandering aimlessly for their mommies. As time goes on, these walkers are getting bolder and more aggressive toward the survivors. Are they coming back to life? Or are they truly the undead?

As the survivors learn that the zombies are attracted by sound and light, the three farmhouse refugees feel they may be sequestered indefinitely. But never fear! David Carradine arrives! Carradine is Phillip, a wandering survivor who doesn’t seem quite healthy himself. While this cameo is a nice surprise, it is a bit distracting to the storyline considering it never quite goes anywhere relevant to the movie.

The movie proceeds in typical zombie vs. humans fashion and while critics will say this is in line with all over zombie movies, i.e. Night of the Living Dead, I really liked this one. It captured my attention, although I cannot quite say why. Is it different than other movies of the same storyline? I don’t think so, however, I wasn’t bored and while I did think “been there, done that” as the movie progressed, I thoroughly enjoyed the approximately two hours I spent watching it.

Best line of the movie: “There’re enough groceries in the supermarket to last a lifetime. We can live like fucking gods as rock stars. We can go to the White House, go to Graceland, but what do you guys want to do? Live on a farm!”

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