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Killfloor Review

Killfloor. Reviewed By Brian Kirst

Impact Productions Kill Floor truly reaches horrific heights in its final act with some revenge encrusted slaughterhouse action featuring a maddened, vengeance-crinkled sheriff, his scared and obedient wife, a retribution seeking military outlaw and a slobbering, childlike killer (straight out of the annals of hick horror classics such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Its brutal, fun and occasionally surprising.

The rest of the production (a stand-alone sequel to Impacts previous production, Rage), meanwhile has some truly entertaining moments, but also strains the limits a bit with ghostly apparitions, asylum breakdowns, examinations of racism, brutal slaughterhouse carnage, over-the-top comedy and truly exhilarating action sequences. It is almost as if the producers and writers wanted to do a bit of everything and wind up contradicting themselves a bit. There are scenes of true back woods, blood boiling hatred counterbalanced by a down home deputy who is so stupid (yet well played by the enthusiastic John Gearries) that even Gomer Pyle would have frowned on him. The scenes of real slaughterhouse footage ñ a truly controversial measure ñ also seem slightly unnecessary. They are so brief that there is no true reason for them. If incorporated more fully, outrage may have boiled over ñ but with true emphasis and meaning behind it.

Still, these Indianan filmmakers are never boring and they certainly are trying to reach deeper, while exploring issues of child abuse and the aftereffects of war along with their gore pieces, and they certainly hit the mark in a delightfully madcap grind house scenes of bestiality and a wickedly stereotypical post beat down scene (maniacally enacted by the chilling Sean Eichenberg). Linda Garcia, as a black magic practicing Gothic Girl, also registers with fervor and she truly deserves a resurrection scenario and sequel based around her deadly ramblings, pronto!

Ultimately, though, Killfloor generates the most sparks during its potent kick and punch sequences, making one long for a true action adventure-horror flick from these folks as a follow-up to this solidly entertaining, yet flawed feature.

Written by BrianK