Vincent Price Poster

Vincent Price Poster

So I just got an email from a graphic designer that wanted to share with me his poster and the inspiration behind the design. Actually a funny story once you start reading it. Really talented with lots of horror work as well.

Eric Slager:
I am a graphic designer and I have absolutely loved the classic horror movies since I was a kid. Vincent Price is one of my all time favorites, so I created this tribute poster to his filmography!

From the blog: It’s obviously a slow night. I hear the faint sounds of another customer lost in the aisles somewhere near the old war movies. The two girls behind the counter look like your everyday bored to death high-school students. But what’s this? Strolling through the front door, come two women, quite possibly a mother and daughter, in their 30’s and 50’s respectively. As they approach the teenagers behind the counter, it should be noted that there are now three generations of people convening together. They approach the counter and this is how the conversation plays out.

Customers: Do you have anything by Vincent Price?

Clerks: I have no idea. I can look him up. Is he an actor?…

Read the rest of the story at his blog, and check out his work as well!

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