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Egad Zombies

With the big success of “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies,” it wouldn’t be surprising if people became inspired by this type of zombie fiction to do their own zombie piece set in the 1700s. Look what happened after Cloverfield with found footage. “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies” put the zombie mythology into a time capsule and set it way back than any other zombie movie cared to go so it was only a matter of time before a movie like E’Gad, Zombies would come out. The movie follows a hopeless romantic poet named William who is madly in love with the Vanity, a beautiful but rather bratty princess. But after a mysterious virus started turning all the townsfolk into rabid flesh eaters, William and Vanity’s love gets interrupted. For a short movie, I thought it was okay but if I were to pinpoint what made this movie seem awkward it would have to be the dialogue and maybe the overall story.

I really like the costuming. For an indie movie they seemed pretty damn authentic and not just some cheap homemade stuff they made out of old rags and cloth from a Salvation Army. Either they must have rented it from some place or they hired a really good seamstress. It gave the movie that extra zing to actually make it feel like it took place in the 1700’s… ish. With that and some of the locations (the castle, the fields and that small cottage) it almost felt like a great attempt at trying to do “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies” some justice. Kudos to the entire production who seemed to have enjoyed working on this movie… as the production photos clearly show.

Now to explain myself more clearly on my issue with this… and it’s not necessarily bad and it doesn’t mean that the movie is unwatchable because it isn’t. The dialogue has to reflect the era in which this movie takes place, the 1700s, and for the most part the movie accomplished this but once in a while it would trail off into modern linguistics. As a viewer, it made me feel like this movie had characters that traveled back in time to the 1700s and tried to fit in by talking like old British people. A little tweaking on the dialogue and it would feel even more authentic. The other problem I had was that this felt like a soap opera made for the BBC. Maybe it’s because the zombies didn’t really play that big of a role or maybe it’s because the characters felt a little flat but either way, the characters needed a little fleshing out.

The zombies were zombies, George A. Romero style with the pale faces, the slow pacing, little trickles of blood running down their mouths and their hands up and stiff. They were what they were. Again, the movie wasn’t garbage but it wasn’t amazing… it was average. If the crew wanted to make a zombie movie, they succeeded but I am curious to see what they have in store next time. Though I will admit that it was pretty funny to see McKellen in a zombie movie since it doesn’t seem like his cup of tea. Then again, nor does X-Men.

Written by FreddysFingers

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