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Zombie Abomination: The Italian Zombie Movie Part I

I have never really been into Italian horror that much with the exception of a few movies. However, I do appreciated Italian horror for what it accomplished; the overwhelming sense of cheese and camp. Zombie Abomination: The Italian Zombie Movie Part I is everything an Italian should be but it goes overboard. I can’t tell you what the plot is about because it confused the hell out of me so I decided to look it up and it’s about a soldier, a psychic, a temptress and her sleazy boyfriend that have to stop a landfill filled with zombies from taking over the world. This is all because of an experiment gone awry. This movie was bad and I found myself seeking Internet help for entertainment. But let me explain why I didn’t like it and why, despite it’s indie quality, some things were just unacceptable.

One of the biggest flaws in the movie was it’s audio. If you want to make a movie and everything is going to pot, at least sure that the audio can be heard so that people understand what is being said. There were times, mostly outdoors or in the car, where the performers were incomprehensible as to what they were saying. Perhaps it’s because they didn’t have the right equipment but that shouldn’t be an excuse for bad audio. There are several ways to make sure that the audio is properly picked up. Because of this, I ended up getting lost in the movie’s many plots and in the end I just wanted to see it end so that I wouldn’t have to rewatch it. Note that it’s not the idea of rewatching a bat movie; it’s the idea that I’d have to rewatch it to understand what is being said.

Speaking of plots, there were too many going on and none of the plots seemed interesting. I didn’t like any of the characters and what they were doing and I waited for some sort of all out zombie attack that ended up being very anticlimactic. If this was supposed to be an homage to Italian zombie flicks (and I hope for its sake that it is) I think they should have stuck with one plot and left the rest alone. There were so many unnecessary scenes and really stupid dialogue. I wanted zombies, not watch a couple have sex because the guy got horny from being angry. Scenes like seeing a military man crap out his intestines than turns to reveal a steaming pile of crap in the toiled is just unsolicited shock value to cop a cheap laugh. I felt the story should have been thought out more before they decided to make it or at least get the opinion of somebody besides their friends on whether the script is good or bad.

Accompanying the poor pacing and tangled plots are the performances. Every, with the exception of one, seemed very emotionless and even when they had emotion it felt flat. Stale. It didn’t feel realistic so therefore I wasn’t really endeared towards them. However, that exception was the sleazy, foul-mouth, sexist, prejudice husband who had sex while the gasoline attendant filled his car up. He was trying too hard to be serious as he talked trash about handicapped kids and why women are idiots. I guess it’s because the actor found the dialogue to be so ridiculous that he couldn’t keep his performance on track. The result: a very hammy performance.

All these factors, including many more, equal a movie that is feels like it was shot on a home video camera using friends of the moviemakers. It felt like a home video that the moviemakers wanted to release to the public. Now, I don’t want to come off as being too harsh because maybe they had a good camera and maybe the actors were professionals but if that’s the case… it comes down to the direction. I think that’s this movie’s fatale flaw; there isn’t any type of good direction and therefore the movie ends up falling on its feet. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anybody but maybe the sequel will provide a better feat.

Written by FreddysFingers

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