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Does Scream 4 Commentary Reveal *Possible* Scream 5 Spoilers?

Despite the fact that I hated Scream 4 when I saw it in theaters, for whatever reason, I like it now watching it on DVD. Even though Scream 4 was not as financially successful as the previous films in the franchise, Wes Craven has confirmed that Scream 5 will happen eventually. He wants to take the summer off from Hollywood, and then he and The Weinstein Company will see where the idea is at. A few months after that announcement, Wes Craven said that Bob Weinstein will probably be looking for a new writer for Scream 5, as Kevin Williamson is very busy with the highly successful CW shows, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle.

Now fans of Scream who purchased the DVD may have some future insight into Scream 5, if they bothered to watch the film with the commentary. Since nothing is confirmed, nor denied, take this with a grain of salt. These are only subtle hints I picked up on while watching Scream 4 with commentary. Let’s start with the fate of “Kirby.” I’ve seen a couple of discussions on message boards about whether “Kirby” lived or died; with most of the speculation coming from the fact that we never see her actually dead. This is what Wes and Hayden said while watching her…stabbing scene.

Wes Craven: “As you can see, Hayden was still moving.”

Hayden Panettiere: “Still moving…”

Wes Craven: “Not saying she’s coming back for sure.”

Sounds like “Kirby” may have survived after all, right? It would make sense. Scream 4 was supposed to be the first film in the new trilogy. I doubt Neve Campbell probably will return, although David Arquette said he would if all the pieces fit. Would that make “Kirby” the new survivor girl to carry on the franchise? Possibly, again – this is all speculation from fans as well as what has been said on the Scream 4 DVD. However, “Kirby” may not be the only new cast member from Scream 4 to return in the next entry. During the hospital battle between “Jill” and the other cast, “Jill” is shot in the chest. Here’s what is said on commentary during this scene.

Emma Roberts: “Originally I was supposed to get shot in the head.”

Wes Craven: “Yup, it’s true.”

Emma Roberts: “But, they shot me in the chest.”

Wes Craven: “I made a battle field decision.”

Emma Roberts: “Because you never know, I could come back.”

Wes Craven: “You never know…”

Emma Roberts: “But, I did stay still when I died, just incase.”

Wes Craven: “You did, but if you notice in the very last shot – there’s a microscopic twitch of your face. We took it out, but I said put it back.”

Does this mean that “Jill” could return in Scream 5, probably in some sort of escaped mental patient fashion? It could be interesting, right? Again, this is all fan speculation along with quotes from the Scream 4 DVD commentary. So, make sure you go out and buy your copy to follow along with the rumors!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)


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  1. I love Scream movies. Im obsessed. I check the boards everyday almost every hour ahahaha.!! Im hoping for Scream 5 and 6. My friends said they’re not going to come to see it with me cause if Gale Weathers dies I will scream and cry… ): LMFAO dont cut her off!!!! Although it would be interesting if she was scream but IDK IDK IDK IDK!!! LOVE YOU WES , SCREAM CAST AND COURTENEY BASS COX <33333333333

  2. I thought Scream 4 was okay but it could’ve been better. Kirby should come back because you never actually see her die, she was only stabbed in the stomach by Robbie and left on the floor, and she was struggling to get up. Kirby should come back just like Randy did in Scream 2, because if Scream 4 “is the first film of the new trilogy”, than it would make sense to bring her back just like Randy, and everyone else you see get killed in the film actually died, except for Kirby because, again, she’s seen on the floor struggling. Just thought I’d make that point clear. Jill shouldn’t come back at all because, honestly, that would be stupid. She died plain and simple. Leave it at that and pick a new killer. Don’t kill Gale because that’s also a stupid move to make. Don’t mess up Scream 5 like they did with Scream 4 by making all of the kills being by Sidney’s cousin and because she wanted to be famous. Jill being the killer was surprising, but stupid. The reason for the killing spree was even more so. One thing about the film I liked was Robbie stating that it was a new generation, new killer, so the rules have changed. Sorry Randy, lol. Also how Robbie, after him and Jill tell Sidney that they are the murderers, say that they are the new generation Sid and Randy. One part I did not like was the opening of the movie being a Stab movie about three times before the actual beginning kill to start the movie off happened, which was stupid to say the least. Please don’t do that again. One more thing, If Kirby comes back, which I hope they do because she was my favorite character in the movie, don’t kill her off early, if you don’t, sort of hoping you don’t, wait until the middle or early end of the movie like they did with Randy in Scream 2. I think I made it clear you should bring Kirby back.

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