(CLOSED) – Drunken Zombie ‘Critters Meme’ Contest

…Is that a title or what?

In honor of ‘Critters Month,’ Drunken Zombie – a podcast series and film festival – has launched a Critters Meme contest. We’ve all seen Meme’s before, you may have even seen some on Horror Society lately. You can find one pictured to the left, just incase you’re not sure. Anyway. All you have to do is create an original Critters Meme and post it to the Drunken Zombie Facebook group [here]. The owner of Drunken Zombie will pick his favorite as the winner, although he will take public vote – “likes” on the Facebook group – into consideration as well. The winner will receive a Drunken Zombie t-shirt, beer koosie, and a signed copy of Critters by Don Keith Opper. The contest will be open for “a few weeks,” so make sure you get yours in!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)