Morgue Street

“Morgue Street” is an Italian short movie directed and edited by Alberto Viavattene and based upon the story “The Murders in The Rue Morgue” by Edgar Allan Poe.

It is slated to be part of the anthology “POE 2 – Project of Evil”. The screenplay was written by Emiliano Ranzani (who also photographed the movie) and Viavattene himself: it tells the story of two prostitutes, mother and daughter, played by Desiree Giorgetti (star of “Morituris” and “Ritual: A psychomagic story”) and Federica Tommasi (an Italian adult film actress who co-starred in “Do it! – Fallo!” by erotic auteur Tinto Brass) struggling against a mysterious creature after it has broken into their home.

“Morgue Street” is a tale of cruelty and desperation set in a violent, ferocious microcosmos where the weak will always succumb and redemption is an impossible goal. Brian Yuzna (director of “Society” and “Bride of the Reanimator”) called it “An original artistic horror” while cult author Jack Ketchum blessed it as “impressive and perverse”.

The movie will play on September 29th at the Slash Film Festival in Wien, followed by a screening in Berlin during the Porn Film Festival by the end of October.

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