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Where Are They Now: VH1’s Scream Queens

Do you remember the show “VH1’s Scream Queens?” As a reality show whore, I was thrilled to see a television series pairing reality television with horror films. If you don’t remember, “Scream Queens” featured a group of budding actresses who competed in horror themed, horror film inspired challenges. An actress was eliminated each week and the winner from season one gained a role in Saw VI and the winner from season two gained a role in Saw 3D: The Final Chapter.

Reality shows – American Idol in particular – have a way of churning out stars, even if for a short time. So, I wondered… Did the VH1 show give these women a leg in the door? Were they able to take what little fame the show provided and run with it? I searched the web – Ok, IMDB – and compiled a list for my Where Are They Now? series. With a little more time, I think a few of these girls can really make a dent, a solid career in horror film, whether that was their original intention by doing the show or not.

Let’s start with the winners. As I mentioned, they gained a role in the Saw movies. Season one winner Tanedra Howard appeared as the opening trap in the beginning of Saw VI, then stunned audiences with a surprise appearance in Saw 3D: The Final Chapter. After that? Well, she hasn’t done a lot, although she has a role in a “Black Soap Opera” in the works. Season two winner Gabby West wasn’t so lucky with her prize. She appeared in Saw 3D: The Final Chapter in a barely there role with no lines. So much for a “break out role” there… After that? Gabby appeared in Chillerama in 2011, in the “I Was A Teenage Werebear” segment. Then Gabby disappeared.

Other girls from the series have made appearances in horror films, but there hasn’t been too much to write home about there. Lindsay Felton (season one, third place) appeared in Raymond Did It in 2011 along with Jessica Palette (season one, fifth place). Sarah Agor (season one, sixth place) had a cameo in Hatchet II and appeared in Blood Canvas in 2011. Season two’s Sarah Alami (sixth place) appeared in Mansion of Blood in 2012.

Then there are a few young actresses who have taken the television route instead of going into film. Marissa Skell was in an episode of “The Mentalist” in 2009, followed by “Criminal Minds,” “Dexter,” and “General Hospital” all in 2010. Although, the eighth place finisher of season one was featured in Slumber Party Slaughter in 2012 and has another horror film, Grisley Cove, coming in 2013. Rosanna Pansino (season two, nineth place) has appeared in an episode of “Parks and Recreation” in 2009, followed by “Glee” in 20120, “CSI” in 2011, and has a horror-comedy called Bloodsucka Jones coming out in 2013.

Now for the most successful girls. Whether it was because she was a fan favorite or maybe because of smart business choices, Sierra Holmes is easily the biggest star of “VH1’s Scream Queens.” She is the Kelly Clarkson to American Idol. Since the show, Sierra has been featured in a horror anthology, Scary Story Slumber Party; had a bit part in Piranha 3DD; appeared in Poetic in 2012; and filmed another two horror features, Night of The Cannibals and Young Blood: Evil Intentions. The season two fifth placer also has at least four films that she is attached too.

Christine Hauberman isn’t doing too shabby either. Since coming in third place in season two of “Scream Queens,” she has appeared in three horror films and has another, The Millennium Bug, hitting DVD and Itunes next month. Allison Kyler is another actress doing pretty well. Allison appeared in 2009’s Maneater, followed by Chromeskull: Laid To Rest II in 2011. The season two seventh placer is a triple threat, being that she is a dancer. Kyler appeared in 2010’s Burlesque along with Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Then there’s Lina So…who appears to have been more famous before the show than after. However, I will dub Lina So a “Cameo Queen” instead of “Scream Queen.” Before the show, Lina had bit parts in Rush Hour II, Ocean’s Thirteen, and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. After the show, she appeared in Repo Men in 2010.

So how is your favorite doing? Does anyone actually keep up with these girls now that the show has been long over? Who do you think will end up as an actual scream queen one day? I have my guesses. What are yours?

Written by Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)


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