I Didn’t Come Here To Die (2010) Review

idchtd-coverI Didn’t Come Here To Die (2010)

Dir. Bradley Scott Sullivan – 77 minutes

Second Sight Films UK – Released on DVD 15th April 2013 UK – Cert 18

Six young volunteers set up camp in a forest in the middle of nowhere . The land has been left by the family of a girl who was murdered and the volunteers hope to make it a summer camp for inner city kids to use.

There is one problem though , after they arrive and set up a few of them decide to have some booze and a horrific accident happens which leads to an unusual and horrific set of events .

Now that all the synopsis I will give as there are plenty of twists and turns along the way and I really don’t want to spoil this for anyone.

Now reading the above you may be thinking ” ah here we go again , teenagers in the woods, camping in the middle of nowhere – not heard that before”. And in a way you would be right and in the first 10 minutes I was exactly the same but as the film progresses it really gripped me and I ended up really loving this.

This was director Bradley Scott Sullivan’s first feature length film and it is a really impressive debut. The camera work is hugely reminiscent of Evil Dead and it is not just a straight up horror, there are many very good comedic moments that had me also thinking of the great Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

The cast is relatively unknown but works very well together with standout performances from Indiana Adams as Julie , Niko Red Star as Chris and the gorgeous Emmy Robbin as Sophia. Also a big shout to Jeremy Vandermause who played Steve and just is the spitting image of Olympian Michael Phelps which amused me no end.

There are some wonderful shocks in this . Lovely, bloody and some completely out of the blue.

It has a great 1980′s feel to it with some awesome camera angles , and it is a lovingly made homage to all that was great from the films of this era but is good enough to stand alone.

Where I think this film will fall down is that if anyone who is not a *genre* fan watches this then they just won’t get the many in jokes and nods to lots of films and genre specific situations that I totally loved. But maybe because I am immersed in horror on a daily basis and have seen 1000′s of bloody films then thats why I love it ? And maybe a *normal* film watcher won’t understand the cliche and tongue in cheek moments that worked so well for me .

This is not a film that will make you think or disturb you , but hopefully you will like me just have a bloody good time watching what is an amazing film by a hugely talented writer/director and done on a very small budget.

A brilliant feature debut and a must for slasher fans and in fact all horror fans. And keep an eye out for Bradley Scott Sullivan in the future !

An unexpected hit that I fell in love with 8.5 / 10 .

I Didn’t Come Here To Die will be released on DVD in the UK by Second Sight Films on April 15th 2013.

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Written by Andy Deen