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Review – The Trip (Graphic Novel)

thetrip1Karen, a shy, Goth-ish college student, is invited along on a trip to a cabin in New Mexico. The group ends up partaking of a hallucinogenic purchased from a local Native kid, but this no ordinary drug…it’s called the Tolache, a powerful drug used in tribal rituals that makes whoever ingests it see their ‘deepest fears and vices’…and if these fears are not confronted and dealt with, they will consume you. In addition to this, Karen must deal with the real-life danger of her father, recently released from prison, who wants to resume his habit of abusing her…will Karen, or any of her friends, survive The Trip?

‘The Trip’ is a horror movie in graphic novel form. It has all the necessary elements, such as the standard archetypes (the Jock, the Stoner, the Fat Party Animal, the Hot Popular Chick, etc.), a sufficiently psychotic villain (Karen’s dad), an interesting plot device (the Tolache), and of course the essential ingredients, Violence and Gore. The story, by Jesse Grillo, moves along at a good pace, giving us enough information about the characters but not bogging down the story’s flow. The art, done by David Brame and Heather Breckel, is moody and expressionistic, and appropriately dark for the most part, which makes the bright and vivid hallucinatory scenes stand out even more from the shadowy real world established in the book.

If you’re looking for a good read that’s the print equivalent of an Indie Horror flick, then you should check out ‘The Trip’…I think you’ll enjoy it. Just don’t buy any drugs from the locals…

‘The Trip’, Writer-Jesse Grillo, Art- David Brame, Colors- Heather Breckel, Letters- Cary Kelley .

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Written by Scott Hall

I live in Texas, love horror and the works of Robert E. Howard, and have a large Yeti-dog