The Puppet Monster Massacre II: MonsterGeddon Update


Not long ago I mentioned that Dustin Mills will be directing a follow up film to his cult classic The Puppet Monster Massacre.  I also stated that I had no idea what it was about and I would fill you in as soon as I found out.  Well I lied to you beautiful people and I am sorry.  PMII was actually hatched out of a late night conversation the two of us had and I confessed my love for the character Raimi.  I told him he needed to make a sequel and bring him back.  Mills took the idea and ran with it and hatched out the following storyline:

“A mysterious stranger is using the black arts and science to summon the monsters of human nightmares to attack the coastal town of Henson Bay. Vampires, werewolves, sea creatures, ghosts, demons etc. and its up to Raimi Campbell ( A lowly video store clerk) and his rag tag “Monster Squad” of movie fans to save the day using their expansive knowledge of horror movies and monster lore. Can they defeat the monster menace? Who is this mysterious stranger? Will there be puppet titties? Find out in PMMII: MonsterGeddon”

Mills also understands that horror fans can be unforgiving and would raise hell for Raimi returning to a film in which he was killed.  Mills had this to say about that as well:

“PMMII Will ignore the continuity of the first film and create its own story. Raimi will be the only returning character. Now don’t worry. I have devised a clever and funny way to do this. Trust me. It will still have all the fun, humor, and insanity of the first film.”

I am very excited for this to be released which looks like it will be around 2014 or 2015.  I will keep you posted on any news or updates I can find out about this one.  In the meantime jump on over to the DMP Facebook page and give it a like!


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