Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher (Review)

lothbposterDirector – Joaquin Montalvan (Mobius)
Starring – Theresa Holly (Hole), Paul E. Respass (The NoHo Show), and Chris Shumway (Call 911)
Release Date – 2012
Rating – 3/5

Lately I have been getting a lot of films to review by directors, producers, actors, etc.  For that I thank you all and I want to personally thank whoever it was at the Facebook page for sending me Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher (I assume it was the director Joaquin Montalvan).  A few people actually commented on random posts on the Horror Society Facebook page mentioning this film which in turn peeked my curiosity and made me seek out the film on Youtube.

After I watched the trailer I had to have this film for my collection.  I wanted to own this flick and screw the review.  However, I feel obligated to review every movie I see so a review of the film was inevitable.  I got in contact with the Facebook page and they were kind enough to send me a copy.  However, mail problems led to me waiting well over a month before I actually received it so my patience was thin.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows mountain man Carl Henry Jessup (Respass).  Jessup lives a simple life out in the mountains where the only activities he has is smoking, eating, and drinking his ‘shine.  Most would say Jessup has it made.  However, Jessup does not see things that way.  He can not stand people trespassing on his land except for his family member Rae Lynn and family friend Billy Wayne.  If he finds anyone else on his property he turns them in to supper.


Jessup took to killing after he witnessed his father kill his mother and then took his own life.  In his dying moments, his father gave Jessup the butcher knife he committed the heinous act with.  He still thinks about his parents daily and one day decides to sell his soul for them to return to the world of the living.  Unfortunately, his soul is not worth the price for them to return and a young girl named Jessie informs him of this.  She then tells him that he needs to bury his knife because his family is cursed.  Jessup refuses and goes about his daily life.  That is until one day Rae Lynn discovers how Jessup has been getting his “meat” she has been cooking for him for years.  She flees his home forcing him to chase after her before she can reveal his secret.**Spoiler Alert**

I love when a movie is original and strays away from something other film makers have made.  After watching something that is different I often feel excited about the next film I am going to watch.  I love movies and I especially love horror flicks so when I see something original and unique I get pumped.

This movie is quite special when compared to other films that has been released recently.  A lot of movies have been going for that grainy look reminiscent of classic exploitation and grindhouse flicks.  However, none have been going for that damaged film look we often get from 70s films like Savage Weekend and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  This film does and pulled it off flawlessly.  Though I was watching this on a DVD, the film looked like I was watching a damaged VHS bringing back a lot of memories of my child hood and my all night movie marathons.

The acting is very well done and another great example of untapped acting talent.  Many of the cast and crew have been in very few films while a lot of shitty actors and actresses are in hundreds just because they are willing to flash a tit.  Life sucks and is extremely unfair.  The story is very clever and I really enjoyed it.  The film makes you think it is going to go one way and instead flips it on you when you least expect it.  Kudos to Montalvan for his skill at story telling.

Finally, the film does not offer any real practical effects and authentic kills.  We do get a few stabbings and throat slits, but for the most part the movie does not really live up to the title.  I was expecting a lot of carnage but was only offered a few kills.  We do get some blood and gore, but once again I was expecting a little more due to the title.  Overall, this is a great film that should be watched by any horror fan.  I recommend it.



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