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Indie Horror News: Butcher’s Hill to Kill Again as a Feature


BUTCHER’S HILL short premiered this week on You know the one I’m talking about right? The one with the witch the two kids and the decapitation? If you don’t click the link. The whole thing will take about ten minutes and it delivers the goods. Anyhow I was pleased to find this sitting in my inbox.Check out the short give ’em a like on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for the Kickstarter campaign on July 1st.

BUTCHER’S HILL Press Release

From the Award winning writer and directors Jason Noto and Rory Kindersley, BUTCHER’S HILL, their short fantastical film, celebrates its online premiere today Monday April 29th 2013 on FEARnet.TV to over 40 million homes nationwide. The infamous short film swept the genre festival circuit with its brutal decapitation scene in 2008 garnering wide acclaim from critics and bloggers internationally. Now for the first time ever it reaches its bloody hands across the nation in all its HD glory. And furthermore, the team has decided to re- launch their efforts to develop the short film into a heart pumping, blood curdling, feature film in 2014 with the support of London based content innovation studio, Fablemaze…

“Butcher’s Hill is an homage to all the great Brothers Grimm tales of our child hood. We wanted to create an unflinching look into the world of dark tales in all its gruesome glory,” explains Kindersley. “And after the economic collapse we struggled like most indie filmmakers to find support but now we’re ready to go with new and exciting momentum to get Butcher’s Hill killing again.”

The production has launched the facebook fan page, which will track the development of the film with regular updates from Jason and Rory. It will feature videos of the films progress, including behind the scenes casting, production meetings, and interviews with key production staff.

Fans and supporters will also be able to connect to the Butcher’s Hill KickStarter campaign, (launching on July 1st 2013) which will enable them to to contribute towards crowd-funding in exchange for Butcher’s Hill themed gifts, such as credits and special edition DVD’s, and even participation in the films production.

Butcher’s Hill is scheduled to shoot in the fall of 2014. For more information on Butcher’s Hill visit

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