The Kondelik Brothers “M is for Masochist” is Set to Win the ABCs of Death 2 Film Competition

The Kondelik brothers are no stranger to horror. Earlier this year, their haunted house thriller A House is Not a Home, starring Gerald Webb, was released and the film won “Best Horror Feature” at the Burbank International Film Festival. Now, the Kondelik brothers have completed another horror film and this one has been entered into the ABCs of Death 2 film competition. The title for the short is “M is for Masochist.”

“M is for Masochist” stars actor Bill Oberst Jr. as a depraved carnie, who delights in the torture of others. However, his victims are not so innocent. Three friends meet this carnie and their lives are changed forever, when they are asked to brutalize another.

“M is for Masochist” can be viewed in its entirety below. As well, horror fans are encouraged to visit the competition website for the film and vote, so that “M is for Masochist” can pass the first round of competition. The short film awaits below.

Directors/writers: Jon and James Kondelik.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr.

The full film is available here:

Please vote for the film here:

More info on the Kondelik Bros is available here:

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