Kristina Michelle of “Horror Hotel”

Kristina Michelle

Do you love all things dark and disturbing? In the vein of Elvira, “Horror Hotel” features the Queen of the Dark, Lamia, who will bring you the best horror movies you have yet to see. From independent horror films to classic black and whites, you’ll find out more about the movies, the people involved in making them and all of their horrifying stories.

Kristina is an actress, stuntwoman, producer and host who has focused much of her career working in horror. She has starred in films like “Dying 2 Meet U” and “Night of the Cannibals”, the new superhero film “Lady Dragon”, and upcoming films “Stuck” and “In the Shadow of Death”.

In addition to being a Telly-award winning actress for another of her series, “The Reel Show”, Kristina was also selected as one of five top women working in US horror films by Awesome! Magazine in the UK.

Now, with “Horror Hotel”, her character Lamia looks to be the next big thing. The show is currently the top-watched show in over 200 countries through SWIG.TV after just three episodes, and it is gaining more fans by the day. The show is currently available in over 2,000,000 homes and growing. “Horror Hotel” is sponsored by Kristina’s festival The International Horror Hotel Film Fest and Convention (, now in its 3rd year.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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