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The Goat Man Of Pope Lick – Fact Or Fiction?

Goat Man of Pope Lick

If you’re into cryptozoology like I am or you just like watching any of the bevy of monster shows peppered across TV networks like Discovery, Animal Planet, Destination America, History Channel and many others, you probably have heard about the Goat Man of Pope Lick. Urban legends have it that the Goat Man of Pope Lick lives under a railroad trestle in Louisville, Kentucky and is known to lure his victims to their deaths atop the railroad trestle as trains approach. Is this paranormal creature real or is it another hoax perpetuated through the decades? You decide.

A local Louisville, KY news station NBC 12 recently ran a story on the Goat Man of Pope Lick and here’s what they had to say.

Per, The scene is picturesque underneath an old but very active railroad trestle in the Fisherville area of Louisville, Kentucky.

“This is the old trestle for the Northern Suffolk Railway,” explained author and historian David Domine.Goat Man of Pope Lick 2

Legends of the paranormal have turned this site into the center of fear and the home of a renowned creature.

Domine said, “The goat man of Pope Lick as he’s known. They say he’s part man, part goat maybe even part sheep.”

Numerous urban legends exist about the creature’s origins.

One tale Domine explained said, “The goat man arose as a tale of a local farmer back in the day. Tortured a herd of goats for Satan and signed a contract with him and forfeited his soul. In the process he was converted into this terrible creature that was sent to live under the trestle seeking revenge on people!”

Another popular legend Domine shared claims, “A circus train was crossing the trestle one day and it derailed and in one of the cars there was a kind of circus freak.”

Whether it is a farmer who made a deal with the devil or a so-called circus freak seeking revenge, there is one thing everyone agrees on when sharing tales about The Goat Man, and that is what he looks like.

Domine slowly describes the beast, “The legs are muscular and covered with course dark hair. He’s got the same dark hair on the parts of his body. His face is alabaster they say and he has horns as well.”

Goat Man of Pope Lick 3The legends don’t just stop at his gruesome features but also focus on the methods he employs to claim his victims. Narratives claim he also has powers to draw you to your death by either hypnosis or voice mimicry.

“The goat man supposedly is a very sly creature and he does all kinds of things to try and trick you into going up onto the trestle. He’s been known to mimic the voice of children who are calling for help,” stressed Domine.

Once you climb on the tracks, there’s no way to escape death from an oncoming train.

Domine removed the smirk from his face and gets serious as he explained, “It’s a very dangerous location. Many people think that this trestle is not used, but trains cross here every day.”

There have been a number of deaths and accidents at the trestle since its construction all though signs tell thrill seekers to keep out!

Domine continued, “In the late 80’s a movie was made by local film maker Rod Schildknecht. Other people have come out here and done documentaries. He’s appeared on several national networks in documentaries and programs about strange creatures and hauntings across the United States.”

The legend of the Kentucky Bigfoot is alive and strong today but Domine stressed about this creature, “Kentucky Sasquatch that’s a whole other thing from the description from people who have seen him. It doesn’t sound like the same thing at all. The strange accounts still pour in to this day.”

Believe it or not, the Pope Lick Monster has his own Facebook page.

A WARNING TO ANY THRILL SEEKERS: There is an 8 foot (2.4m) fence with chains, bolts and keep out signs to keep EVERYONE off the trestle. Please do not break the law by climbing on the track or by going into the restricted area.


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  1. Ah yeah, this tv station stole an image I made in photoshop (the trail cam image) – it’s actually intended to be Maryland’s Goatman. They still haven’t paid me for using it.

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