Something Huge And Unknown Ate This 9-Foot Great White Shark!

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We all know the reputation of the Great White shark as the apex predator in the world’s oceans. It has remained unmatched as the ultimate predator for millions of years…until now! It now seems as if something unknown has set its sights on the perfect eating machine. Something ate an entire 9-foot great white and scientists are unsure as to what could have fed on the top predator.

According to scientists, this is what we know. “Shark Alpha”, a nine-foot-long female Great White, was tagged as part of a project to track shark migrations around the coast of Australia. Well, four months later, her tag washes up on the beach.

Essentially, the tag (and the shark attached to it, presumably) rocketed down the side of the continental shelf. It swam, or was dragged, 1900 feet and the temperature went up thirty degrees around it. The ocean doesn’t usually have “warm pockets” at that depth, so about the only way to suddenly get that warm is to be jammed into something. Like, say, you get stuffed down its gullet and into its stomach.

The tag stayed in the digestive tract for eight days before being expelled to the surface. Which raises two questions: Just what the hell is capable of doing this, and why do things like this always happen in Australia?

Scientists are still unsure as to what could have fed on the Great White. But theories range from killer whales, or maybe another, larger shark to the newly discovered giant squid (Architeuthis). Giant squids are known to take on large sperm whales and are extremely aggressive and incredibly dangerous. My bet is on the giant squid. I’ve been watching several documentaries lately on the giant squid and regular squids and they amaze me as to how dangerous they really are and may even surpass the Great White as the ultimate predator of the sea. Or, it could be something else entirely that we have yet to discover. Either way, this is why I stay out of the ocean.

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Written by Michael Juvinall

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