Where Are They Now? : Friday the 13th’s Marta Kober


Marta2Marta2marta4Marta Kober was born in October of 1963 in New York. After doing several “After School Special” PSAs, she was chosen to play the supporting role of Sandra in Friday the 13th Part 2 in 1981. Sandra is one of the many youths who are brought to an off-section piece of Camp Crystal Lake to attend a counselor training seminar. Excited to be so close to the sites of the original murders, Sandra sneaks off with her boyfriend, Jeff, to explore the old cabins. They are caught in the act by the town sheriff, and as punishment they are both left behind while the other counselors head into town. As with most teenagers, Sandra and Jeff take the alone time to have sex, but they are interrupted prematurely when Jason Vorhees impales them with both with a spear.

After the success of Friday the 13th Part 2, Marta booked guest appearances on an episode of “Happy Days” in 1984, “Magnum, P.I.” in 1986, Matlock” in 1987, “Full House” in 1992, and “Law and Order” in 1997. She also received a bit part in the scifi-comedy School Spirit in 1985. Only five years after her first romp in a scary movie, Kober booked the lead role in the horror flick Neon Maniacs. Her next noteworthy movie credit came in the form of a cameo in the cult classic Slumber Party Massacre III. In this title she plays the role of the humorous pizza girl.

So, where is Marta Kober now?

Well, I’m not really sure. Her last credit on record was in “Law and Order” in 1997. However, she was interviewed and lent her commentary to Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film in 2006. Instead of flourishing, Marta became another speed bump in Hollywood and fell on some hard, unfortunate times. She’s been arrested three times, that the public is aware of, and can’t seem to keep her story straight on her career, her current batch of problems, and her hopes for the future. You can read an interview at to see what I mean. Here’s hoping she can recover and make a come back, or at least live a happy, healthy life in the future.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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  1. Something bad happened to Marta during the filming of Friday the13th part 2 and her life went down the drain. Another sad story from Hollywood.

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