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S.H.O.U.T To Release “Dead Of Night” July 10


The Finnish shock rock band S.H.O.U.T is releasing their 2nd full length album July 10 through Jeppe records.

After releasing “Tales From The Monsters” EP and “Monsterious” Album in 2013 S.H.O.U.T is now back with a new album titled “Dead Of Night”,the new album is more melodic but also has some rawer songs as “Scream” or “Back For Blood”.

2 Singles has been released from the new album before it’s release “Back For Blood” which shows the bands more raw and heavier side, and “Things That Go Bump In The Night” that is heavily 80’s melodic rock.


01.O.M.G lll (Intro)
02.Hell On Earth
03.Back For Blood
04.Things That Go Bump In The Night
05.Dead Man Walking
07.Day Of The Dead
08.Do You Wanna Be My Demon
09.Living Nightmare
10.Dead Of Night
11.Play Dead
12.Wake Up Dead
13.Vanish In The Night
14.When The Monsterman Arrives
15.The Dead End lll (Outro)

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