Video: Watch Russian “Ghost Car” Materialize In Middle Of Busy Intersection and Cause Crash!


Do you believe in ghosts? What about phantom cars? There’s a video that’s been floating around the interwebs for several months that seemingly shows a phantom car materializing in the middle of a busy intersection in Russia causing a crash. Is this hokum, Malarkey, Video tampering, or could this be a real ghost car? Watch the video for yourselves and tell me…real or not? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Video footage of a Russian ‘ghost car’ has left viewers scratching their heads after apparently showing a vehicle appearing out of nowhere at a busy intersection.

The car nearly causes an accident as it suddenly appears in front of traffic turning left at traffic lights on a main road.

The dash cam footage, believed to have been filmed in Russia, was taken from a vehicle behind the BMW which nearly crashes into the black car.

Watch the video for yourselves here,

The car behind the BMW which is recording with a dash cam bumps into the car in front seemingly shocked by what they have just witnessed. Viewers from all over the world have attempted to explain the video, while some say it is faked, others cannot explain it.

Is the ghost car just hidden by other cars until the last minute when it appears? I do not see where it could have possibly been hidden by other cars. The area where the ghost car would have been just seconds before is totally clear.

ghost car 1

ghost car 2

ghost car 3

ghost car 4

ghost car 5

Source: Dailymailuk


Written by Michael Juvinall

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