Dark Cove Reveals More Bloody Goodness in this Official Trailer


Director Rob Willey and Tall Grass Films have completed production on the backwoods thriller Dark Cove. It has been almost a year since news on the film has been released. Since 2013, a new film poster has been crafted for Dark Cove, along with an official movie trailer. Both items and a possible release date are hosted here.

Dark Cove involves a road trip and a camping vacation on the westcoast. Together, Ian (Eliot Bayne), Quinn (Willey), Jen (Montanna McNalley), Joey (Rob Abbate), and Donnie (Cameron Crosby) find a remote spot to party late into the night. This group of friends take a hallucinogenic mushroom, which alters their reality and leads the group to make bad decisions. A murder takes place. Now, this group of friends must confront a group of Australian surfers, who are looking for vengeance.

Willey has just released the official trailer for the film. The clip shows many of the beautiful settings from Dark Cove, along with the characters. As well, several stills are hosted here. The photos show Willey as the central character Quinn, along with several other castmates. Finally, a release date for the film will be announced soon as Dark Cove begins a film festival run, later this year (2014).

The official trailer is here:

Release Date: 2014-15.
Director: Rob Willey.
Writers: Rob Willey, Dennis Willey.

Cast: Eliot Bayne, Rob Willey, Montanna McNalley, Ty Stokoe, James Anderson, Camerson Crosby, Rob Abbate and Jules Cotton.

The film’s fan page is here:




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