The Creepy Doll Offers a Tale of Revenge and Murder: VOD Details


Big Biting Pig Productions continues to unleash horrifying titles on the masses. They recently completed and released the vampire thriller The Caretaker (2014). As well, they have made available one of their more psychological tales, The Creepy Doll, through Video-on-demand. This title has just been released through Amazon Prime, Youtube, Google Play and other platforms. A preview of the film’s release is hosted here.

Official synopsis: Kate (Kristine Renee Farley) is an expectant mother. Kate and her husband, Jason (Justin Veazey) decide to move back into a rural Kentucky town, to settle down and start a family. Their furnishings come shortly thereafter and a strange doll collection is the centerpiece of their new home. However, this doll collection brings along many old memories and even a few secrets. Now, Jason is the focus of jealousy and rage. (BBPP).

This production house, which is based in Western Kentucky, continues to create story driven films. Often focusing on the psychology of characters, Big Biting Pig Productions delivers a vengeful tale in The Creepy Doll, available now.

Release Date: Summer 2014 (Video-on-demand).

Director/writer: P.J. Woodside.

Cast: Kristine Renee Farley, Justin Veazey, Jessica Dockrey, Jason Carraway and Steve Hudgins.

The film is available on VOD here:

The Official Facebook Page for The Creepy Doll is hosted here:







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