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Killing Floor 2 Press Event in San Francisco


Tripwire Interactive is back with more brutal zombie slaying in Killing Floor 2. I was able to get a blood soaked sneak peak at the game, as well a teaser to a live action film based on the series.

Killing Floor originally started as a mod from Unreal Tournament 2004 back in 2005, The developers instantly fell in love with the mod and contacted the creators of the mod for the rights. In 2009 Killing Floor was officially a stand alone game. Since its official fans have been going crazy for a sequel to the smash hit.

On May 8th of this year Tripwire Interactive replied with Killing Floor 2 being announced. I had a chance to interview John Gibson (President of Tripwire Interactive) and William Munk (Creative Director) in beautiful San Francisco for a press event showcasing Killing Floor 2, as well as teasing a live action film based on the game. The live action film will take place before the events of the first game, and is in production by film company Type AB (Delivery: The Beast Within).

Killing Floor 2 release date is currently unannounced due to Tripwire Interactive wanting to continue to work on the game until they feel like its ready to be released. From what I’ve seen so far of both projects, Tripwire Interactive has really gone above and beyond with the improvements for Killing Floor 2.

Be sure to check out this badass game once its released.

Thanks to Tripwire Interactive.

Photography by Josh Stockanavich.

Written by Xslash562

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