Director hired for Sony horror pic ‘The Bringing’ based true events at LA’s Cecil Hotel!

Cecil Hotel

You may remember that incredible story that surfaced early last year about the woman found dead in a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. The tale was a bizarre mystery, apparently she had been in the water tank for at least two weeks before being found, mainly due to hotel guests complaining of the bad taste and smell of the water. Hollywood jumped on this story quickly and started pre-production on a film. Sony has hired a director to helm the horror film based on the real-life events entitled The Bringing. Get more details below.

It seems that Sony Pictures is hiring Jeremy Lovering (In Fear) to direct from a script by Brandon and Phillip Murphy. The film has been a high priority for Sony with Matt Tolmach producing.

The pic is based on Elisa Lam, who was found dead in the water tanks on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. That’s the place that killers like Richard Ramirez called home at one time or another, and where suicides have occurred. Footage of Lam’s bizarre, inexplicable behavior in an elevator before her death became a massive Internet sensation, and this has been turned into the story of the man investigating her death, and the nightmare he stumbles into.

In case you missed it, here is the viral video of Lam’s bizarre behavior inside the hotel elevator just minutes before her death.

More on this film as it develops!

Source: Deadline

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