‘Massacre at Femur Creek’- Short Film Review


Massacre at Femur Creek is a vulgar, bloody and quite often hilarious homage to the great slasher film era of the 1980’s. Not only is it an homage, but the film is set in 1984 and really does a great job of capturing both the vibe of the films of that era as well as the time itself. At it’s heart, the film is a very loving tribute to films like Friday The 13th: young kids go out to the woods, smoke weed, drink beer, act like fools. Then a big masked maniac with a knife hacks them all up. Sure that formula works even 30 years later, but writer/director Kyle Hytonen takes us on a very funny and witty trip into the woods and makes some pretty interesting comments on how we live life today. In one scene, we very might be witness to the first “Selfie” ever, taken with a bulky Polaroid of all things. In our tech renaissance era, we take these things for granted, but back then it seemed more precious and the film is able to tap into that innocence quite well.

The film is fun, with a terrific 80’s inspired synth soundtrack and great performances by Nigel Grinsted and Andrew Barr as the film’s bumbling leads. It oozes with great atmosphere and the right look and feel for a classic backwoods slasher. I did find the opening scene (although it introduces the Killer character) to be a bit unnecessary. The scene doesn’t add or subtract to the rest of the film’s narrative, and seems a bit out of place. Otherwise, this film is worth seeking out if you are a fan of 80’s horror or…selfies!


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