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killermermaidI bought Killer Mermaid because, well, how could I not? It’s a horror movie about a MERMAID that KILLS people. With so much crap out there like Sharknado and Mega Firefly From Space out there, how could I not at least give Killer Mermaid a shot? Here are my thoughts.

Killer Mermaid is written by Marko Backovic, Barry Keating, and Milan Konjevic with Milan Todorovic as director. Cast members include Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Zone of the Dead), Franco Nero (Die Hard 2, Django Unchained), Natalie Burn (The Fear Chamber), Dragan Micanovic (Layer Cake), Miodrag Krstovic (Open Sea), Zorana Kostic Obravodic, Slobodan Stefanovic, and Mina Sablic.

“Two American girls travel to Montenegro on vacation to visit an old friend. While there they decide to venture to Mamula, an abandoned military fortress located on a remote island. During their exploration of the fortress they discover that they are not alone. Someone else is on the island with them and he will stop at nothing to protect it’s secrets. There is a darkness hidden beneath the island and the terror has just begun.”

I think Killer Mermaid was saved by the fact that – SPOILER ALERT – the movie features two killers, the mermaid and an older kind of I Know What You Did Last Summer gentleman who kills to protect her or feed her. The mermaid isn’t seen until the last twenty minutes of the movie, although she is eerily present throughout, so it’s up to the four prong hook wielding killer for all the blood and gore up until the end of the movie. He’s sinister, smart, slow walking, and loves impaling people in the head and neck with…whatever weapon that thing is. He’s everything you’d want in a sidekick to the main villain. When we finally see the mermaid, she isn’t as beastly as you’d suspect, and it makes sense that she’d need someone to help her to catch fresh meat to quench her thirst for human blood. They’re a dynamic duo for sure.

Speaking of the mermaid’s appearance, I was highly impressed with however they created her. I’m pretty sure it was a mixture of the real life actress Zorana Kostic Obravodic, practical effects, and lots of CGI. It looked amazing and better than anything you’ll see on the SyFy channel. I was not expecting that!


That number of cast members involved with Killer Mermaid was very tight, so I’m glad to see that everyone who spoke on film was talented. I think everyone knows who Kristina Klebe is at this point, but this was my first time seeing her since Chillerama in 2011. She’s still one of the best up-and-coming scream queens out there. I’m sure there will be greater things from her in the future, but Killer Mermaid definitely shows off her versatility. Again, all the actors did a fantastic job in this title, but the leading ladies really stole the show. I’m pretty sure it was meant to be that way!

Another particular thing I enjoyed about Killer Mermaid, which is going by the title of Nymph in other countries, is that it has a unique and exotic flair to it. It’s subtle, but a reminder that the movie was not made in America or a predominantly English speaking nation. To be exact, the movie was filmed on location in Montenegro and Serbia, two countries situated on the border of Europe and Asia. Things look different, less luxurious but more serene. People have different accents, which we all enjoy. The film making style, at least to me, had all the characteristics of a European made horror film, not that I’m complaining. I think this is actually one of the movie’s biggest positives because we don’t see too many GOOD movies from eastern Europe that get a wide release. Despite being appreciative of the culture and sites of Montenegro and Serbia, after watching this title I’m probably never going to want to go there.

I wasn’t sure just what classification the aquatic killer fell into during my viewing. The “mermaid” had a haunting call, more like a “siren.” And the alternative title to this movie is “nympth.” It almost seemed like the creature was a combination of all three until I did a little searching. According to Wiki, mermaids in Eastern Europe are said to be restless souls of undead women who died suddenly and lurer men to their deaths in deep waters. Again, different cultures involved, the mermaid in Killer Mermaid is much different than the ones we envision in America. Culture shock!

I never thought I’d say this…but, yes, Killer Mermaid is a great movie. Fun, bloody, a good mix of scifi and horror, expert film making, an exotic European flair, and a talented cast. I’m going to give it an 8 out of 10!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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  1. I really liked the blonde at the beginning of the film.Too bad she was killed off so fast.Of course the actor she was kissing in the movie almost made me dislike her for having bad taste.

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