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Exclusive Artwork for Zoe Bell Short Horror Film, ‘No Touching’!

No Touching thumnail

We received word on a new short horror/action film which is trying to get funded and it sounds really cool. No Touching, will star stuntwoman/actor Zoë Bell (Raze, Kill Bill Vol. 1&2) and stuntwoman/actor Heidi Moneymaker (Iron Man 2, The Avengers), and is about a shady haunted house attraction where the performers are assaulting female patrons in order to make a name for themselves, but the tables are turned when they attempt to take on two women who know how to kick some ass! Read on for more details and some Exclusive artwork for the film.

From The Press Release

Zoe Bell 2Star stuntwomen and actresses Zoë Bell (Death Proof, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Xena: Warrior Heidi MoneymakerPrincess, and Tarantino’s upcoming Hateful Eight) and Heidi Moneymaker (Fast & Furious, Sucker Punch, Marvel’s The Avengers & Captain America: The Winter Soldier) have teamed up to produce No Touching, an Action/Horror short film that will be headlined by the duo.

No Touching is about a shady haunted house attraction where the performers are assaulting female patrons in order to make a name for themselves, but the tables are turned when the performers attempt to take on Bell and Moneymaker who bring a new level of terror as they do some ass kicking of their own.

No Touching begins its Kickstarter campaign today to prepare for its November 5th shoot date. The campaign can be accessed via the film’s Kickstarter portal: The focus of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise a total of $30,000 to accommodate required production costs that include permits, location fees, cast and crew payments, equipment rentals, and film completion costs.
The production will be looking to add additional cast in the coming weeks.

“Zoë and I have both been kicking ass for a living, for a long time,” said Heidi Moneymaker. “We’ve known each other for ages and have kept talking about working together and we figured it’s about time we combined our ass-kicking skills and make something badass,” added Zoë Bell. Writer-Directors Will Corona Pilgrim and Adam Davis continued, “We’ve been writing kickass female characters for as long as we can remember, and who’s more kickass than Zoë and Heidi? No one.”

Plot Synopsis

When Michelle and Jackie begrudgingly agree to accompany their buddy to a thrilling haunted house attraction in downtown L.A., they grow concerned when they are required to sign a waiver that invites the performers to touch but prevents them from touching back. Once inside, they discover the performers are far more invasive than they should be, and once they cross the line, these ass-kickers remind them how ladies should be treated! Written and Directed by Will Corona Pilgrim & Adam Davis and Produced by Zoë Bell and Heidi Moneymaker.

We have some artwork of one of the villain designs featured on the Kickstarter page and also have an exclusive piece of artwork of one of the skeleton baddies that lurks around the haunted house. Check those out below.

No Touching villain makeupNo Touching horror society exclusiveNoTouching_AndyPark_poster

About Zoe Bell, Heidi Moneymaker, Will Corona Pilgrim & Adam Davis:

Zoë Bell

New Zealand native Zoë Bell grew up with a background in gymnastics and martial arts and began working as a stunt woman when she doubled Lucy Lawless on the cult favorite TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. Her natural talent for stunt work was obvious and caught the attention of notorious film director Quentin Tarantino, landing the role of stunt double for Uma Thurman’s role, The Bride, in Kill Bill Vol. 1&2.

Zoë has made a name for herself in the action world, combining her strong acting chops with her unique stunt skill set. She crossed into another arena last year with Raze, where she combined her talents as both the producer and star of the picture. By producing the film, Zoë was able to choreograph many of the stunts, thus setting the overall vision for the fight scenes.

Heidi Moneymaker

A stunt woman and actress for over 10 years, Heidi Moneymaker has worked on over 65 film and television programs. She is most well-known for her work as Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double in Marvel’s Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. She has also worked on franchises such as Fast & Furious and Hunger Games and won a guest starring role as Cassidy Daniels on the popular CSI: New York. 

Heidi is a crucial part of the Los Angeles-based 87Eleven Action Team, and is the team’s only female member. Her physical abilities as a performer, coupled with her unique skills as a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer has led her to producing and directing her own short films. Her latest, Behind Every Great Man, is action-packed and stars Heidi along with her sister and fellow stuntwoman, Renae Moneymaker.

Will Corona Pilgrim & Adam Davis

Armed with a diverse creative palette honed by years of working in development at Marvel Studios and a passion for character-centric storytelling, Writer-Directors Will Corona Pilgrim and Adam Davis have pooled their independent talents into a fruitful collaboration that has resulted in numerous feature and television screenplays and most recently in the action/horror short film No Touching.



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