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Finally! A very cool song about, you guessed it…VAMPIRES!

Hey! We are proud to announce the debut single release from the brand new Philadelphia rock band, PHAT Monster Head. Just like the Christina Aguilera, Pat Benatar, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and The Ramones, PHAT Monster Head is about to turn the music world onto its PHAT Monster HEAD!

Ho! The debut single is called, “VAMPIRES” (from the album “PHAT In The Hat”), and it’s the best song ever made! It drops into online music stores everywhere on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2014. Just in time for Halloween!

Let’s! So who are this PHAT Monster Head? (Yeah, you read that right!). Well, I’ll tell ya’. They are a group of cool misfit nerdos from the Philadelphia PA area who need to rock and have to roll. And it comes with a SCI-FI / FANTASY / HORROR twist!

Go! The line up for this motley crew is:

PRINCESS HORROR (Lead Vocals): Of INOODS TV and web series fame, this sexy siren and her drop-dead good looks could charm the pants off of Sweet Heysoos, himself. She’s a banshee screeching morphite from another dimension who ballets her way into your heart, as she fights evil!

HERO GEORGE (Bass and Vocals): The local legendary bass-playing fantasy wizard who leaps into magical action to protect innocents everywhere! He’s also the guy who took a bullet when he saved a young family during a robbery!

JACK LASER (Guitar and Vocals): Guitar-wielding sci-fi creature with the power of manipulating electricity to stop evil everywhere! Look out for the Jack attack!

STAIN LEE (Drums and Vocals): Quiet percussion being who unleashes a horror of sonic blasts against all who disgrace the human race! Back up, a-holes!

Don’t miss this explosion of music when it lands on October 24, 2014!

May The PHAT Be With You!


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