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The Synthetic Dream Foundation release new animated video

The Synthetic Dream Foundation has a brand new animation video for their track “what wonder held for ransom”, out now on Mythical Records. The track is part of the experimental, dark classical music label’s newest compilation “Odyssey of Rapture vol 2”, along with 14 other composers’ work.

The video represents 6 months of work, and was created under the artistic direction of cinematographer, Samantha Bouquin. It combines motion tracking, 2d animation, as well as 3 dimensional animation graphic design elements. The Synthetic Dream Foundation is known world wide for their animated videos, but is also becoming increasingly known as an indie classical artist who fuses contemporary classical music with down tempo and glitchy electronics, as well as guest female soprano vocals.

The full track list for “Odyssey of Rapture vol. 2” is as follows :

1. Elizabeth Fawn – Fairy Rings 02:46
2. Symfony – Lulling Lullaby 03:28
3. The Synthetic Dream Foundation – What Wonder Held for Ransom 02:47
4. Natasha Nightingale – Lights in the Fog 02:53
5. Lauren Krothe – Synchronicity 02:46
6. Abandoned Toys – Birthing of the Unicorn 03:38
7. Phanatos – The Stars, the Lady and the Dew (Part 1 & 2) 05:04
8. Samantha Bouquin – The Salem Witchcraft Trials 02:31
9. Rasplyn – Circle Round 07:31
10. David Emanuél Brunzél – Maison Dans L’arbre 02:41
11. Melisande Mourning – A Delicate Balance 03:06
12. Ephemeral Mists – Firefly Painted Landscapes 05:40
13. Peter Levics – Proletariat Sonata Nr.3 03:07
14. Harnes Kretzer – Onomatopoeia 04:54

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