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Groah and Moriarty shed light on supernatural comic Kickstarter “Dark Patterns”


Writer and Make Comics co-host Joey Groah is Kickstarting the original supernatural action comic “Dark Patterns.” A group of child prodigies are brought together as part of a government think-tank codenamed “Dark Patterns” to investigate and debunk supernatural “occurrences.” On the fifth anniversary of a case, the group finds themselves at targets of a very real threat by an ancient doomsday cult. You can view the Kickstarter here

“We’ve been thrilled to have interest in the comic” Groah said. “The response to the art and concept has been terrific,” he said. The Kickstarter reward tiers include digital and print copies of the 44-page color comic, original art, and a chances to be in the comic. The first day of the Kickstarter the project was selected as a “Kickstarter Staff Pick.”

The co-creator and artist of “Dark Patterns” Meredith Moriarty is an artist, illustrator, and game designer. Moriarty was recently part of another successful fairy-tale themed book on Kickstarter. Groah and Moriarty first worked together on a story in the “Dry Seasons” anthology. Rounding out the creative team are colorist and artist Juan Romera (“Strange Nation”) and letterer Nic J. Shaw (“Action Johnson,” IDW, Black Mask).


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